When your social media reach slows down or grows stagnant, it means it may be time to employ new tactics or switch things up a bit! In this post I’ll review 6 tactics that can help you gain some quick wins and instantly give a little boost to your social media reach.

Here Are 6 Tactics To Instantly Boost Social Media Reach For Your Brand or Business

1. Get Into Video Content

Video is a hot topic in social media right now. Videos get more reach than photos – which means more chances to get your brand in front of new eyes. Creating videos doesn’t have to be overly complicated or technical – Facebook even lets you create short slideshow videos within the network itself. To learn more about what kind of videos to create, and how to create them quickly and easily read: How to Easily Create Great Video Content

2. Go Live!

Have you tried going live on Facebook yet? Live videos on Facebook (and other networks) get a lot of interaction – and Live Videos even have their own map showing all the live videos happening around the world, so there can be a big opportunity to get in front of people. Let your followers get to know your team, tease upcoming events, film product demos or simply have fun with Q & A sessions.

Facebook isn’t the only network which lets you share live videos, Instagram just released it’s live video feature, YouTube now lets you stream live from your channel and of course Snapchat, and Twitter/Periscope.

One more benefit of live videos? You can use them later on or to create more content. Learn more by reading: 3 Ways to Use Live Videos After They’ve Gone Live

3. Participate in Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Google Communities and Pinterest Group Boards

Social media is all about being social! It can be time consuming, but set some time aside every week to interact in groups within the network you’re on. First interact with posts, join others in conversations, and build trust. You can then share relevant content from your brand or business (but only if it adds value to the group or people in the group). You’ll be surprised at how much more engagement happens within groups as opposed to just your brand’s official channels and how being active can boost social media reach.

4. Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with influencers isn’t exactly instant – but it is efficient in increasing social media reach. The secret is to find the right influencers. Influencers that are aligned with your target consumer will attract the right customers for your business. You will have to do your research and a little investigating, but once influencer campaigns are off the ground you’ll open the door to more traffic, eyes, and reach on social media. Brush up on your influencer marketing tactics (and content ideas) by reading How to Create a Winning Influencer Marketing Campaign.

5. Use Hashtags Correctly & Efficiently

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags. They’re everywhere! Hashtags can be very important in how your customers find your content. When you learn to use hashtags in your social media marketing correctly you will be able to reach people who are interested in your topic or content who are not part of your network – therefore fostering growth and brand awareness online.

If you already use hashtags, but aren’t seeing much action try auditing your hashtag list. Figure out which ones are working and which ones are not and adjust your strategy.

6. Social Ads

The 6th method isn’t free but it’s yet another quick way to increase the reach of your social media posts. Targeting will be your best friend here, unless you like to spend money on bad results. Knowing your customer will be key as there are SO many different ways to target social ads.

See? Getting an instant boost to your social media reach is possible with the right combination of tactics. Which is your favorite tactic from this list? Are there any other ways you’ve triggered an instant boost in social media reach for your brand or business? Share it with us in a comment below.


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