6 social media resolutions kickstart 2016

First off, a big Happy New Year to all and thanks for reading.

2016 is now very much under way and a new year of course means the dreaded (or energizing) New Year’s resolution.

The new year inspires people to try new things, mend bad habits and reflect on their lives. Before we take a look at our social media trends-based resolutions for 2016, since the beginning of the new year we’ve been using Talkwalker social media analytics to look at some of the most popular 2016 New Year’s Resolutions being discussed on the social waves.

2016 new year

Fitness is the most discussed topic of 2016 New Year’s resolutions on social so far

Top of the list with over 50% more mentions than the next closest topic is fitness. Let’s face it, most of us have probably put on a few pounds/kilos over the holiday season and the social data shows that this is something the social public intend to remedy over the next year through exercise. In fact, the top 3 resolutions were all health related with being healthy coming in second and going on a diet in third. Spending more time with family and quitting smoking round out the top 5 with drinking less seemingly not a top priority this year!

The peak of New Year’s resolutions discussions understandably came on New Year’s Day but conversation has remained pretty high since the first work week of the year began on January 4th.

Celebrities also took the opportunity to share their New Year’s resolutions although it looks like Arnie may be struggling to keep his…


As for social media resolutions, at the end of last year we asked some industry experts for their views on social media in 2016 and we’ve turned these into 6 social media resolutions to kickstart your 2016:

1. Start producing long form content for social

lee long form comment

This is a trend that content and social experts Lee Odden and Aaron Lee expect to see this year with the return of Facebook Notes and rumors of a 10k character limit on Twitter hinting that social giants are thinking long form in 2016.

2. Keep wearables in mind when planning for 2016

zahara wearable

It’s no secret that the wearables market is beginning to gain momentum and HireInfluence’s Zahara Jade advises digital marketers to think wearable when designing their 2016 social strategy.

3. 2016 is the year to focus on selling through social

cleary social selling

Buy buttons are coming to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in 2016 so Dave Chaffey and Ian Cleary say it’s time to get serious about selling on social.

4. Involve influencers in your social marketing

odden influencer

The social web is getting increasingly crowded but co-creating content with influencers can help your content rise to the top says Lee Odden.

5. Think hyperlocal when using social

shervington hyper local

Social is increasingly becoming a great source for local information says Paul Chaney and watch out for a more social Google Maps says Martin Shervington.

6. Personalize your social media efforts

jeff sheehan personalized

At its heart, social media is about developing stronger connections with people so make sure you personalize your social efforts say Jeff Sheehan and Neal Schaffer.

So here’s to hoping that for all of you, 2016 will be even more successful than 2015 and with these 6 social new year’s resolutions to stick by, your social media efforts should make a bigger impact than ever this year. If you want to learn more about the social media trends we’ll see in 2016, take a look at our blog “6 Game-Changing Social Media Trends for 2016“.

Let us know your New Year’s resolutions for social media (or otherwise!) in the comments below.

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