Social media managers usually oversee all relevant social networks. In addition, they create individual content for each individual social media channel. However, this harbors time and resource challenges.

Social media planning tools are used here, which make it possible to plan several postings in a platform in advance. To help you find your way through the jungle of diverse social media tools, we present six tools:

# 1 Hootsuite

Let’s start with Hootsuite . Hootsuite is the most widely used platform – with more than 10 million customers – for managing social networks with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses. The management software covers all-important networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Xing, YouTube, Linked In, or even Pinterest. Hootsuite gives users a detailed overview of all channels. Contributions can be published, planned and, in addition, questions from followers can be answered directly. Among other things, it is also possible to install WordPress and browser plugins. Further key data:

  • Founded: 2008, Ryan Holmes, Dario Meli & David Tedman (Canada)
  • Mobile use via app possible
  • Many external apps can be integrated
  • Limited version: Free (up to three networks)
  • Extended version: From 25 euros per month (ten social media profiles and one user) additional tariffs can be viewed at this link
  • Advantages: Clear dashboard, internal communication in the tool and analysis of activities
  • Disadvantages: Larger memberships are overpriced, no analysis of Facebook profiles and a steep learning curve for beginners

# 2 Buffer

Compared to Hootsuite, Buffer is much simpler and can therefore help even beginners with social media management. Buffer serves the following networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Xing and YouTube are excluded from this. A very practical function – in addition to the usual functions – is “Re-Buffer this Post”, which means that posts that have not achieved a high reach can be reposted. Buffer can manage up to three profiles in the free version. In the premium version, users can manage ten profiles for 15 US dollars a month, including the additional option on Pinterest. Further key data:

  • Founded: 2010, Joel Gascoigne, Tom Moor & Leo Widrich (Silicon Valley)
  • own graphic design with Pablo possible
  • WordPress and browser plugins available
  • Collaboration with several users possible
  • Advantages: Various software can be integrated, clear statistics, profiles and pages can be linked
  • Disadvantages: Team versions look expensive, only in English, no competition topic monitoring

# 3

ContentStudio is a Powerful content marketing & social media management platform for the automated cross-posting of blog posts in social media. At ContentStudio, all social networks – a total of 35 – are supported from WordPress to Facebook. To keep track of things, the dashboard clearly shows when and where something is posted. Additional features are: Postings directly from the WordPress backend; targeted selection of the posted picture; Instagram DM support, Posting on profiles, pages and in groups; Team function and multi-profiles. Blog posts can be shared multiple times. Contentstudio is now launching an AI caption generation feature through which you are just one click away from the caption.

Further key data:

  • Limited version: Free of charge 14 day trial.
  • Pro version: Monthly $49 (Additionally: time planner, social media pages and groups, multi-users and multi-profiles)
  • You can sync with applications like Pocket, content spinners, link shorteners, Feedly, and Replug.
  • Advantages: Find & keep track of influencers. curate content and increase your post frequency. Schedule content easily. You can also create separate workspaces for your different projects.
  • Disadvantages: The UI is difficult to figure out if you are just starting out.

# 4 Social Pilot

In contrast to the tools mentioned above, Social Pilot is rather unknown. But the social media planning tool can keep up relatively well. Social Pilot supports almost all players on the social web, from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram to business networks such as Xing and LinkedIn. Social media postings can be managed with Social Pilot, results and successes can be observed and thus weak points and optimization potential can be uncovered. The tool offers a clear view of all activities that can be planned daily, monthly or weekly. Further key data:

  • Founded: 2014, Jimit Bagadiya (Walnut, CA)
  • Basic version with three networks: Free of charge
  • Professional version: $ 25 a month with 25 social networks ( other plans )
  • Various link shortening services integrated (Google, Bitly, Sniply, and Rebrandly)
  • Several accounts are displayed on one surface
  • Advantages: Postings appear under the name of the user and not the tool, bulk upload possible, very cheap for teams
  • Disadvantages: the website is only in English, has no stream tracking, and no integrated CRM system

# 5 Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post is just like Blog2Social a WordPress plugin. The reason why we would like to introduce a second plugin is that it posts older blog posts on social networks at individually adjustable intervals. This means that more traffic can be generated and old posts will not be forgotten. The plugin has the following advantages: old and new postings can be shared, certain posts or categories can be excluded and information for new followers. There is no free trial and the prices are unfortunately relatively high. The Revive Old Post plugin starts at $ 75 per year and costs up to $ 299 per year. You can find a detailed price list of the various tariffs here. Now some key data:

  • Founded: 2016 (Website: Revive.Social)
  • No free version available
  • Google Analytics integrated
  • Translated into four languages


Now let’s move on to a somewhat strange-sounding social media planning tool: IFTTT . It is an acronym for “if this, then that”. And that is exactly what this social media marketing tool does. It allows its users to create so-called recipes. For example, you can create a recipe for the following scenario: If I post something on Facebook then also tweet on Twitter. The platform thus simplifies automation and saves time. IFTTT not only connects social media channels but also other apps and internet services. Some key data:

  • Founded: 2010, Linden Tibbets
  • The tool is completely free
  • Advantages: You can automate things with just a few clicks, applets that can be used immediately
  • Disadvantages: Difficult to use, no cross-platform support

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