Social media thrives upon open, transparent conversations based on trust. And coupled with its viral nature, it is often elected above other mediums to drive a message home. Brands are increasingly adopting the social media route, especially when it comes to executing corporate social responsibility. This year, we witnessed some innovative CSR campaigns that show promise as well as are an indicator of the evolution of social media. The social value of ‘like/share’ and the power of the social network have been put to clever use. Here, we have brought you a collection of 5 impressive CSR campaigns that have leveraged the power of social media:

1. ‘Give Them Wings’ Expedia Facebook Campaign

This January, Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company had made a resolution to fly 100 street and working kids from the Butterflies NGO on a fun-filled 3 days holiday to Mumbai. The project, aptly called ‘Give them wings’ was run on Facebook where for every ‘like’, Expedia would contribute Rs. 10 to their travel fund. And for every ten shares amongst your friends, Expedia would contribute Rs.10 to the travel fund. In addition, out of every booking made between Dec 25, 2011 and Jan 25, 2012, Expedia had contributed Rs.100 to the travel fund. This is a clever move to increase fan count as well as bring a sense of pride amongst fans for being a part of your community. You can read more about this campaign here.

Expedia Facebook Campaign

2. Join My Village : $1 For Every Facebook Like

Join my village is a non-profit organisation that works on the basis of click-to-connect social change initiative. It gives you the power to inspire charitable donations from companies like General Mills and Merck to women and girls from Malawi and India through CARE. All you had to do was ‘like’ the Facebook page and become a fan. For every like, the companies would donate $1. Just as with the Expedia campaign, the social value of ‘like’ has been used for a social cause as well as for community building. You can read more about this campaign here.


3. The Bloodline Club, A Tata Docomo Initiative

Needing blood urgently is a very common phenomenon and despite having a large number of donors around us, sometimes we do not connect at the right time and a life is lost. The Bloodline club, an initiative by Tata Docomo is a website that takes your mobile number and blood group. You can request as well as donate blood quickly through this existing network that also uses Facebook and Twitter in an innovative and fun manner. You can read more about the bloodline club here. Besides, having nearly 8 million fans, the Tata Docomo Facebook community is the largest online community in India, thus making the bloodline club work wonders for its brand image.

The Bloodline Club, A Tata Docomo initiative

The Bloodline Club, A Tata Docomo initiative

4. Ford India “I Pledge To Drive Safe” Facebook Campaign

Driving is fun but it can be dangerous when you are driving irresponsibly. In a move to bring about change, Ford India, the global automotive industry leader had initiated the ‘I pledge to drive safe’ safe driving campaign on Facebook. The Facebook app had multiple pledges which can be chosen by fans with badges to be earned. In addition, it also had a leaderboard displaying ‘Top Pledgers’ and ‘Most popular pledges’. The idea of safe driving was brought out through fun and sharing on Facebook. You can read more about this campaign here.

Ford India

5. #BEASPORT – An Innovative Social Media Movement

#BEASPORT is a unique social media movement that brings together India’s stars, celebrities and sportsmen to help underprivileged kids stay in school. It is an initiative by many online brands like Sher Singh, Cleartrip, etc. to help fund Magic Bus, the non-profit working for these kids. The movement raises awareness and funds through social media platforms. For example, every time you watch a specific Youtube video, a donation of Rs. 1 is made to Magic bus by the associated brands. In addition, Shersingh also donates the full proceeds from sales of a limited edition designer t-shirt. #BeaSport plans to achieve 10 million global participants by the end of 2012. You can read more about this campaign here.


6. Surf Excel India’s ‘Back To School’ Campaign On Facebook

This is a noble initiative by Surf Excel in partnership with GuideStar India, a place where you can search and connect with NGOs in India. More than 160 NGOs from across India are a part of this campaign, that works on the idea that parents can donate old notebooks, textbooks, etc. to support the education of kids who cannot afford it. The campaign makes use of an app through which you can locate the nearest NGO and get in touch with them. In addition, Surf Excel will donate 50p for every ‘like’ on its Facebook page. You can read more about this campaign here.

Surf Excel India's Back to School Campaign

This year we are hoping to see more CSR drives through social media and capture all of them here. Do share your favourites with us and don’t forget to share a CSR campaign on social media, that has really got you hooked up.

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