6 reasons you

#1 You Have NO Strategy

You jumped into Snapchat the same way a kid jumps into a pool—two feet first with confidence and bravado. You figured, how hard can it be? Everyone else is doing it so you figure what the heck?

Now that you are in, you are splashing around like a fish out of water.

Before you post another random snap of your dog, what you ate for lunch, or some other meaningless thing, take a step back and say why the heck am I on Snapchat? What value do I gain from being on it, and what value can I bring to the people watching my stories?

Don’t buy into all the hype, you shouldn’t be on Snapchat unless there is a reason for it. These reasons could be: your market is on Snapchat, you are looking to learn a new platform to gain more leads, you don’t have the money to invest in Facebook advertising.

There are tons of reasons, but “just because everyone else is doing it” is a really bad reason to be on Snapchat.

#2 Snapchat has Become a Mirror for You

Seriously, stop using Snapchat as a mirror.

No one wants to stare at your big dumb face for 10 minutes while you rant. If you really want to do a 10-minute talk, move onto a Facebook Live, a Periscope, or a Youtube video. Those pieces of content make sense to the native culture of live streaming… not Snapchat.

Here’s a tip. Change up camera angles and SHOW what is going on to make your point. Remember when it comes to great storytelling show don’t tell.

#3 You are a “NARP”

The reason you are not gaining any traction in Snapchat is because you are what teenage girls call a “NARP.” This qualifies you as a “non-athletic regular person.” Basically, you are ugly and boring. Okay, I know that is mean, but teenage girls are mean.

You are doing normal everyday boring stuff that regular people do. While it is ok to show off that you are a normal human being, if I or anyone else wanted to have a normal boring life, they would go live their own.

Don’t be a NARP. Be worthy of people’s attention and do interesting things. You will gain a lot more traction in Snapchat when your content is awesome!

#4 You are not using the Tools of Snapchat

The tools native to Snapchat give you fun advantages to use in your story. Many people forget all the awesome integrated tools they could be using to make things interesting!

These are tools like the ability to draw, add emoji’s, the fast forward, rewind, black and white filters. Not to mention all the cool facial mapping filters. And there’s always sponsored content that pops up.

If you want to gain traction in Snapchat make an entire story where you don’t say a word. Just try this—just for fun as a creative exercise. Only use the tools that are native to the platform.

Remember limitations inspire creativity.

So start “limiting yourself” even more to make some awesome stuff. Ironically, the more you limit using Snapchat as a mirror, and use the native tools, the more followers, engagement and cred you’ll get!

#5 You’re Focusing Only on How Many Opens You Receive

It is tempting to consistently monitor the number of opens you get in a story. Every day you look to see if you broke your new high score.

Every day you are running around trying to drive more people to your story!

This is almost sure fire way you are not going to gain traction in Snapchat. The views are nice, and sure they’re important, but they only GO UP when you’ve earned trust and built REAL relationships. Start with 10 people, then 20, then 50, then 100, then 500. Start with RELATIONSHIPS.

The only social media strategy you should subscribe to is depth over width. This is all about focusing on creating the best content for the people watching your stories right now.

Make the content so amazing that they have to come back day after day! Then and only then will your view count go up.

If you also focus on building deep relationships with those people you can leverage those relationships for other things. Like getting more people to watch by asking your friends to share your QR code.

The Final Reason You are Not gaining Traction in Snapchat is… drumroll, please…

#6 You are Not Putting the Effort into Making Yourself Better.

You are not investing in yourself.

There are two ways to invest in yourself. You can invest with time, practice, hard work, failures, and frustrations…. or by modeling and studying under those who are doing it well. That second one is the secret to my success and many others.

If you want to be a better Snapchatter invest in learning all the tricks tips and hacks the experts use. Invest in learning to be a better storyteller. Invest in learning about your audience, and how to capture their attention. Invest in your strategy, and learn how to build a community.

You can jump the learning curve tremendously by modeling those that are currently crushing it. Not only have I been crushing it, but I created an entire video course to walk you step by step through all the actions the influencers take to build an incredibly engaged Snapchat following. Accelerate your learning, and get your official “black-belt” in Snapchat when you enroll in Snapchat Mastery.