With only few weeks left in the year, it’s time to bring some holiday cheer to your businesses’ social media presence. Here are a few quick tips to get you on your way:

Dress Up Your Facebook Cover Photo and/or Twitter Profile Picture

One of these easiest ways to cheer up your Facebook page is to add a new cover photo and/or profile picture. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when using images. Creativity is embraced this time of year, so have your staff dress up in ugly Christmas sweaters, take a cheery group photo, and add an eye catching “Happy Holidays from (your business here).”

Want to cut through the promotional clutter on Twitter? Post a new holiday inspired profile picture with a simple ‘Thank You” to your loyal customers, no strings or promotions attached. Put on your favorite Santa hat and say “Rudolph!”. Besides showing a little personality and easing off the sales push, the numbers show that photos on Twitter help drive engagement with retweets by as much as 60%.

Integrate Holiday Sales

Speaking of promotions, are you having a holiday special or end of the year sales push? Make a series of distinctive holiday images for the sale and post it every few days. Facebook posts with images get more than 53% more likes than posts without photos. The holiday photo campaign will serve as a reminder for your sales and promotions.

Spice Up Exclusive Sales

A great use of social media during the holidays is to add enticing incentives to your sales drive by incorporating exclusive Facebook-only promotions. Use a promo code with a nod to the holidays such as “XMASSHIP” or “FROSTY” to reward your loyal followers and give back a little to your community. This not only strengthens customer loyalty, but also gives more value to your product or service.

Update Facebook Advertising with Holiday Themes

If you are already running Facebook ads, revising it with holiday themed photos and posts will make it even more effective. But if you’re new to Facebook ads, there is no better time to experiment with the ad platform, as 65% of shoppers look to social media for the perfect gift. (Need some Facebook advertising insight? Check out our Facebook ad breakdown here.)

Incorporate Holiday-Themed Content

Spice up your posts and stir engagement with your community by incorporating a few different types of questions and content:

– “Favorite holiday beverage: eggnog or hot chocolate?”
– “Christmas tree poll: do you prefer fake or real?”
– “Best holiday outfit: Dressed up or an ugly Christmas sweater party?”

These seasonal “battles” add some fun and help imbue some personality to your brand.

Offer Behind the Scenes Holiday Cheer

Beyond Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is great this time of year because of it’s mobile-centric platform and ability to target users on the go. Offer behind the scenes photos of a holiday party your company is hosting, your staff decorating up the office, or exclusive in-store holiday events.

Spice up your feed even more with Instagram video. Take short clips of your staff wishing your followers a “Happy Holiday.” Adding this personal touch brings your customers that much closer to your brand and helps personalize the experience (Take a look at our Instagram video tips to bring some extra shine.)

It’s not too late to add some holiday cheer to your company’s social media campaign. Act on these holiday campaign adjustments and you could see a quick increase in holiday sales and customer loyalty, which is a great way to ring in the new year.

How did you dress up your social media campaign for the holidays? We want to know! Comment below or tweet us @Rocket_Post.