Not all Indian businesses prefer social media. According to a report by VeriSign, 57 percent of small businesses in India that choose to have an online presence most often choose websites over social media to represent their company, shared IDR,. The above insights are a part of VeriSign’s report ‘State of Small Business Online: Perspectives from Small Businesses in India with an online presence.’


The report also highlights the fact that consumers today are looking to connect with companies more than ever and establishing an online presence through a website, blog or social channels.

Other interesting data points from the report are as follows:

1. 62% of small businesses in India believe websites make their business look more credible and are critical for success.

2. 21% would choose a .net domain name if their preferred extension wasn’t available.

3. 74% prefer a ‘.com’ domain name for their company website.

4. 73% would recommend investment in a website to other small companies in their industry.

5. 58% say that an online presence they have control over is important. Globally, that number is 72%.

6. 47% use social media as a part of their company’s marketing mix.

7. 64% have staff dedicated to digital marketing efforts.

8. 23% have a mobile version of their site. Globally, that number is 21%.

The report is a first-of-its-kind to focus on Small Businesses but it has missed out on sharing some crucial facts such as how many companies were taken into account for this survey and where are they based.

The state of broadband in the country is still below the mark. Even though the growth of mobile has been remarkable, the understanding of social media and its business impact is still poor in the country.

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