In my eternal quest through the Internet jungle, I always need to be on the lookout. Clicking on search results can sometimes seem like a game of Minesweeper, and a very traumatizing one, at that. I find myself stumbling upon websites that seem not to be created by anyone who falls under any reasonable definition of sanity.

Some of these websites even made me question MY own sanity. Some of them made me hate my browser, because the “X” button didn’t close the page fast enough when I was weirded out by the stuff on the screen.

Unfortunately, as Abraham Lincoln once said: “What has been seen [on the Internet], cannot be unseen.”

I present to you – the list of 50 weirdest websites, which are hiding in my “Bookmarks” folder. In no particular order – each one of these is champions of their own kind.

FINAL WARNING: there’s no turning back after you start clicking on these links!

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Coming up with descriptions for these was the hardest part. This one in particular requires a “R.I.P. headphone users” tag – turn the volume down and start moving your mouse around. You won’t be disappointed. Or maybe you will be. Just click it and watch the silliness begin.

This one is actually pretty awesome, but since my “50 Awesome Websites” list isn’t done yet, I decided to include this here. The system is pretty simple – you pay $10 for a random, unidentified product. You find out only when it arrives. A good website for people who feel they missed out on childhood Christmas loot.

The concept and the stuff that you could receive are so bizarre that TV’s Daniel Tosh actually tried it out for his Comedy Central Network show, Tosh.O. Purchase at your own risk, but some of the stuff is some fine swag!

Just press F5 and you’re done – endless entertainment for champions of procrastination and fans of sometimes weird, sometimes beautiful gifs/videos.Warning: put the volume down and make sure that no one’s watching you. Fair warning – the sound effects sometimes keep going even after you close the tab.

This page feels like someone whispered a secret in my ear in an alien language. Is this how first contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life will appear?

Shout out to anyone who has ever fallen asleep on the couch. Anyone can relate to this (I hope, otherwise I’m weird, because I really like this website).

6. (Epilepsy Warning! Seriously!)
Skip this if you are under the influence of any mind-altering substances, but for the rest of us – this is great addictive silliness, and a good pun.

This website could probably provide a list of its own. Just click ‘PLEASE” to go to a random (weird/fun) website. I honestly didn’t cheat! My list is based solely on my own, sometimes regrettable, online queries. Some sites are beautiful, others funny.

The URL is pretty self-explanatory. This website is for anyone with Alzheimer’s disease, no desktop calendar, or pestering kids who need reassuring that it will, eventually, be here.

This site challenges math, astrophysics, major religions, English grammar, and sanity. It also provides a fabulous excuse for students to avoid school entirely. Someone put a lot of energy into this!

Visit this website daily, right before you start work, to check out the great motivational message and Emmy-worthy voice-over. success

What sorcery is this?! I’ll take “Cool, but still a bit weird websites” for 200, Alex. Especially the one with the guy with no pants. Good luck finding him now :) Where did they find all these pics?

Whatever the story behind this website, I’m pretty sure that a chicken in a hoodie sporting the rainbow flag symbol qualifies as ’out there’.

Everything about this website is sweetly eccentric. A little flashback to the wilder days of the Internet.

Nothing wrong with this catchy Auto-tuned song and borrowed video, except for the weird AdSense window. Just wanted to share.

This attention grabbing parody of what the writers consider to be ill-advised religious fundamentalism is funny and informative.

Google on Helen Keller before visiting this website. This is the digital equivalent of all those mean middle school jokes at her expense.


Incredibly satisfying cuteness and simultaneous demonstration of pixilation

This is what the Internet has been created for! What else can I say?

Just wait for it to load completely. This is the most hilarious web comic I’ve ever seen! Slow internet connections make it even more demanding of patience.

Weirdly comforting, this live webcam shows folks laundering their clothes and drinking coffee. Gives new meaning to the idea of living vicariously!

Many of these websites have one thing in common – their URLs are largely self-explanatory. This one is no exception – just feed the head.

Probably the most useful tip provided by any webpage :)

Don’t worry! No cats were harmed in the making of this website! Enjoy!

The apparently differently abled creator of this site proves that creativity can overcome the limitations of the body. Scary and inspirational.

There are times in your life, when you just stop and ask yourself “Why?” The person who created this website clearly didn’t have any such doubts about what he/she was doing.

An offensive website with a noble cause.

Did you know that cat pictures and videos consume 90% of Internet storage? This website is responsible for some of that!


OK, this is one is a frankly disturbing (and effective) parody of white supremacists. No NSFW pictures or anything. But its…just…*sigh*…it’s really weird. In fact, I would give it a number one spot in this list.

A great actor, dad, and now, a children’s book author, and always a little off-center, but in a good and friendly way…mostly.

This slightly more interactive version of the “deal with it” meme unlocks what the creator calls “mysterious, nonsensical” animation and music. Headphone users beware!

This is the extremely cool Cookeville Police Department website – most definitely not the way they did it in Mayberry RFD!

Check out the Testimonials to this actor. Those people definitely know the subject at hand, top to bottom, so to speak.

This website is clearly at the top of our weirdness-o-meter. It’s pointless, and impressive. The art and the music are depressing, and wait until you feed her enough apples.

I don’t actually know how I feel about this website. Created to showcase an online marketing consulting firm, it’s sad and uplifting at the same time. What do you think?

Never felt sorrier for food than this. Except for maybe flashback-type realizations that bacon used to be small, pink, cute piglets.

This is plain weird. There’s nothing else to add, except, ‘watch your dreams’.

Anyone who spends a too much time in a cubicle or in front of a computer will definitely appreciate this website.

What are all these people doing? Silly humans, trying to hug their monitors. I don’t know about you, but this website makes me feel all fuzzy inside :)

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This is just overwhelming. So beautiful, tasteful, and heartfelt. Any web designer and content manager could learn from this website!

If you pay way too much attention to details, love complicated machinery, like to stare at things and have a couple of extra free hours – this is the website for you.

Wow. This is actually pretty amazing and spooky at the same time. It’s not genuine, though it represents some loving, careful, lunatic effort. If it’s not on iTunes it does not exist!

The resemblance is uncanny. If you can’t see it, you’re out of your damn mind!

To all Eminem fans who also happen to enjoy high quality homemade spaghetti! You’ll love this version of one of your all-time favorite songs.

I think this website should be in college curricula for everyone, everywhere, at all times. So many favorites…Ah, good times!

I finally have a place to rationalize my mental aberrations from time to time. It’s not “I feel weird today” anymore! I can now claim “liberosis”! Serious stuff. I love that these ailments come from so many different languages.

I like how “Google+ active users today” stat is the slowest growing for me practically all the time. Google – take a hint already! The energy usage and hacking statistics are kind of eye-opening.

I’m getting lazy as we get towards the end of this list. So I’ll just copy-paste the name here: Vaguely Rude Place Names of the World – an otherwise useless map for people who are bored, but always wanted to learn some geography. What does it say about the USA that the flags are so tightly packed that I can’t even find out whether Intercourse, Pennsylvania is included?


The most NSFW (Not Safe for Work!) out of whole list. Unless your boss is myopic, then it’s all good. The name says it all. It’s hilarious and of course weird most of the time. Be careful where you access this!

My eyes are almost bleeding, after spending 5 minutes on that websites. It’s fun and visually lovely in a weird, sadistic, math-geeky way.

Last, but not least: most of us probably wanted to do this at some point in our lives. Go ahead – knock yourself out!

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