Sharing Social Media tips and tricks is my main goal for this blog, and so here are 50 tweetablesocial media tips for you to use and share! Just click the “Click to Tweet” text on the end of the tip you like, and voila! Have fun tweeting!

  1. Engage! Post interesting information and interact with your fans/followers when they talk to you! <-Click to tweet!
  2. Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation on any platform! What is your industry? <-Click to tweet!
  3. Do you pay attention to hashtags? Make a list of industry hashtags and start following along! <-Click to tweet!
  4. Participating in tweetchats is a very easy way to gain new friends, and share valuable knowledge. <-Click to tweet!
  5. Hashtags are now used on the major platforms. Use them strategically to share content. <-Click to tweet!
  6. #FacebookTip: It’s best to post only 2-3 times a day with a few hours in between. <-Click to tweet!
  7. #PinterestTip: Change your board covers to your most popular pins, or “prettiest” to encourage more followers and pins. <-Click to tweet!
  8. #TwitterTip: Check out your bio once or twice a year. Does it still make sense? Rewrite it if you need to. <-Click to tweet!
  9. #SocialMedia is all about building relationships and earning trust. Start making conversations! <-Click to tweet!
  10. Images get the most engagement on #SocialMedia. What kind of images can you share? <-Click to tweet!
  11. Have a plan for a #SocialMedia crisis! It’s always better to be prepared! <-Click to tweet!
  12. #GPlusTip: Find new followers or people to add to your circles by searching through your friends’ followers. <-Click to tweet!
  13. Never be afraid to change your #Social strategy. If it doesn’t work, why keep doing it? <-Click to tweet!
  14. #GPlusTip: Create an Authorship! Attach your logo to your content in search! <-Click to tweet!
  15. #TwitterTip: Don’t use the retweet button. Instead, reply and add “RT” in front. It keeps your stream branded for you. via @YouTooCanBeGuru <-Click to tweet!
  16. #TwitterTip: Add a “.” in front of a #twitter handle to make sure the public can see it. Otherwise, it’s limited. <-Click to tweet!
  17. #Facebook is about “likes” and fans. #GPlus is about +1s and circles. Both are about community. <-Click to tweet!
  18. #LinkedIn Groups are great for content and sharing knowledge. Build Trust by engaging.<-Click to tweet!
  19. Use #Twitter’s Favorite button as a list of reminders; content to read later.<-Click to tweet!
  20. #GPlusTip: use to shorten your awkward G+ URL.<-Click to tweet!
  21. Use industry hashtags on your page’s #Facebook posts to gain a wider audience.<-Click to tweet!
  22. Do a #social search for vendors your company uses and help each other.<-Click to tweet!
  23. Unless your #business is political or religious, avoid those topics. #NoDrama<-Click to tweet!
  24. Keep your #brand impartial to avoid losing customers and scaring away potentials. #Mktg <-Click to tweet!
  25. Create as much of your own #content as possible. How-to videos, blog posts, photos, etc.<-Click to tweet!
  26. #TwitterTip: “please retweet” will get you more RTs than not asking or using “please RT”. <-Click to tweet!
  27. Don’t post anything online you wouldn’t be willing to put on a billboard. Via @unmarketing <-Click to tweet!
  28. #SocialMediaTip: When someone follows you, try to share something from their stream to build engagement.<-Click to tweet!
  29. #PinterestTip: Make your industry or topic for pins interesting. Printers are boring if you don’t liven it up! <-Click to tweet!
  30. #LinkedInTip: login daily and engage in Groups to build authority and trust. <-Click to tweet!
  31. Use Google Alerts to keep up with what people are saying about your #Brand. <-Click to tweet!
  32. It’s okay to focus on just ONE #SocialMedia account. Better to look good on one, than bad on all! <-Click to tweet!
  33. #Twitter is a great place to ask questions and get quick responses. Use it for great customer service. <-Click to tweet!
  34. How-to videos are great content to share and use! #YouTube #Vine #Instagram are still social. Don’t forget to engage! <-Click to tweet!
  35. #PinterestTip: Unify your boards to a color theme to create interest! via @Carol_Stephen <-Click to tweet!
  36. Don’t forget to brand your #YouTube channel with your logo and banner! #SimpleFixes <-Click to tweet!
  37. Engage. Don’t just talk AT people. (via @tracycopy) Make sure you are jumping in the conversation! <-Click to tweet!
  38. Don’t beg for “likes” on your personal #Facebook profile. If you think friends/family might be truly interested, okay. Otherwise, it’s just spam. <-Click to tweet!
  39. #Pinterest can be fun! Don’t forget to comment and engage! It’s still a social platform! <-Click to tweet!
  40. Be creative. For example, @TacoBell does that well. [] <-Click to tweet!
  41. Tweetchats are a great way to build authority on a topic. Use tools like @Twubs or @Tweetchat to follow along easily. <-Click to tweet!
  42. Create a Hashtag and use it to follow the conversation about your event or brand. <-Click to tweet!
  43. Be prepared to spend time on #SocialMedia! (via @tracycopy) It does take an investment of time to be successful! <-Click to tweet!
  44. At an event? Collect as many #twitter handles as you can to build your network! <-Click to tweet!
  45. Encourage Live tweeting during your events to get the word out! Better yet, live broadcast it on #YouTube, too! <-Click to tweet!
  46. #NoAutoDMs!! No one really likes them anyway. <-Click to tweet!
  47. Be careful about what you “like” on #Facebook when you’re acting as your page. Your fans see it. [Read more here:] <-Click to tweet!
  48. Mondays and Fridays are no good for new/important #content. Mondays are about catching up. Fridays; about leaving. <-Click to tweet!
  49. Automating is fine to spread out content, but not okay for responding. Be human & engage the audience. via @DIYAdventurer <-Click to tweet!
  50. Always make sure you’re posting the correct account. The internet never forgets; especially a big mistake! <-Click to tweet!

Whew! Which tip was your favorite?