I’ve read plenty of material on how to run a successful blog, how to gain as many followers as possible and how to become a serious name in the social media world. Have I followed any of these? No. But there are many other reasons that my own blog does not succeed in awarding me with fame and fortune. Don’t follow my example and stay away from my following mistakes:

Write Whenever You Can

Don’t have the time commitment? Neither do I, and that’s why I have one subscriber. Find time every day to write something, anything—keeping content fresh is key. Those who have just five minutes a day to give their readers a little update are far better off than those who write a long article once a week. To keep your readers reading you must keep writing – and if you don’t have the time to do so, then don’t start.

Write About Anything and Everything

The concept here is theme, people. Pick one and stick with it. Pandering about what happened to you that day in the midst of one or two book reviews mixed with a philosophical rant does not quite cut it. Readers want something reliable to keep them coming back, and inconsistency doesn’t fit the bill. Find something you can write about frequently and won’t get tired of, then keep going! Soon you’ll find a fan base with the same interest.

Never Include Pictures or Videos

Readers like pictures once and a while – we’re only human after all. Yes, readers love to read lengthy pieces on scuba diving or dog training, whatever you’re into, but it won’t hurt to give their eyes a break. Find a relevant picture (within copyright boundaries of course) and include it in your post. Not only will you spice things up a bit but an all-text site doesn’t make the best first impression.

Don’t Spend Time Reading Other Blogs

How do you learn to write? You read. Same goes for blogs. Web writing is certainly different than long-form print pieces. To learn how to write this way you must first learn how others have done it successfully. Follow other blogs in the same subject as yours; see what has already been done and what works. And if that hunt for friends goes well you may get some following you back!

Have you committed any of these blogging sins? Have any tips of your own? Share them!