Cyber monday

Every Cyber Monday, shoppers “arrive” online in droves searching for special incentives and deals. They’re specifically looking for discounts, special offers and even free shipping. With some Bikini Marketing strategies, you can harness your social media efforts to feature these incentives and take your piece of the pie. After all, estimates suggest there will be $2.2 billion in sales on Cyber Monday alone, according to the Adobe Digital Index report released earlier this month.

But having a successful Monday after Thanksgiving isn’t just about social media. It’s about all the marketing you do leading up to the big day. Put social media links and logos, as well as your company website link and contact info, on any traditional marketing efforts that you distribute, (think brochures, emails and ads). Then get to work promoting yourself on the social media sites where you have a presence, especially Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Start the Holiday Push Before Thanksgiving
Many holiday shoppers start searching for gifts as early as October. Use this to your advantage and showcase your products early in the season through blog posts, status updates and reviews. This is a great time to hire an SEO agency that does quality link building. Links will boost your ranking in the search engine and, if the inbound marketers do link building right, will promote your most popular pages and products on a variety of relevant sites.

Most importantly, start providing holiday-specific messaging, such as why your product is the must-have of the season, but also go beyond your own products and services by offering helpful tips, ideas and information for shopping during the holidays. Remember, the key to the Bikini Marketing principle is building your authority, not just promoting your products.

Showcase Your Products Through Photos, Especially Pinterest
Everyone loves a good photo. Not only do photos make it easier to tell a story, they can also make products and gifts look enticing. Social media sites particularly attuned to photos and lifestyle images include Instagram and Pinterest.

Focus your social media efforts on Instagram if your target audience skews younger. Pinterest, on the other hand, is perfect when your clients are women, as that’s the main audience on the image-laden site. Facebook also works well for photos, as photos tend to generate the most ‘likes’ — and therefore visibility — than any other kind of update on Facebook. Of course, photos tend to be “shared” the most too, and the farther reach you can get with a photo, the more potential customers will see your products.

Of all these social media efforts, invest some time in Pinterest as it has some pretty cool features that are perfect for the holiday season. For one, if you caption your photo with a dollar amount (be sure to use the ‘$’ symbol), the social media site may list you on their “gifts” page, which further increases visibility of your products.

Don’t Overlook Google+
Any social media presence will help boost your company’s presence in terms of search rankings, but Google+ is growing quite a bit in this sector. That’s because Google uses Google+ as a way of personalizing your Internet experience. If people “+1” your post about holiday gift ideas, then their Google+ friends are more likely to see your post as a result in their search.

Facebook and Twitter Ads Target Your Audience
While there’s millions of users on social media, your potential clientele makes up just a small percentage. Still, have no fear. By leveraging ads on Facebook and Twitter using specific keywords and interests, you can target a particular audience when promoting your Cyber Monday specials.

Because shoppers are going to be online on Cyber Monday more so than any other day of the year, that day is the perfect time to partake in pay-per-click advertising. In your pithy ad, highlight discounts and special offers, like $10 off a $60 order, to capture those savvy shoppers.

Provide Incentives to Your Followers
With so many deals and specials floating around the Internet on Cyber Monday, you can help your products and gifts stand out by offering a giveaway or an incentive through your social media sites. Application creators like Shortstack can make it easy for you to create giveaways, such as $25 off an order, while also providing incentives to your social followers to spread the news about your sale.

For one, the application can allow users to share your contest, and if a friend joins the promotion, the original user will receive an additional ticket into the drawing, increasing their odds of winning. That said, create giveaways with a number of winners. While you’ll technically be offering more discounts (rather than just one big one), it can also result in more sales.

Clearly, social media promotions for Cyber Monday are a win-win situation. Your customers get a good deal, and you get more business. Think of it as part of the giving holiday spirit.