You’ve been on social media building your brand, and are looking for ways to promote your products on various social platforms strategically? It’s no surprise for consumers that brands are developing relations with them ultimately to sell their products.

Thus, if you want social media to have a positive impact, you need to employ a planned approach which is a right mix of – creativity and consistency. Here are five ideas that will help you promote your products on social media without being too ‘salesy’.

1. Through Contests

Holding a contest is an awesome way to promote your products without screaming “Look at me.” They can accelerate – participation, awareness, generate leads and sales and lastly drive product/service usage. For your contests to receive all those results, you must keep it fairly simple and have an amazing perk which they cannot deny.

Example – Maggi, very recently ran a contest on Twitter to promote their new product launch of Maggi Oats Noodles wherein users had to click a selfie while eating breakfast and post it to them with the #HealthyIsEnjoyable. Maggi no-where stated that users had to consume Maggi, only to please the brand and increase their chances of winning they snapped pictures of them consuming Maggi.

2. Through Social Proof

Social proof acts as an influence that can help promote your products to your audiences in a good light. Rather than blowing your own trumpet about your products and coming across as pompous, let the customer testimonials or user-generated content show off customer satisfaction and loyalty. This not only promotes your products, but also instils trust in them and lets them know that others have used products and it works for them.

ExampleGoPro, their Facebook page is filled with user-generated content which acts as a social proof and promotes their product at the same time. In this image, one of their consumers has used their product and snapped a picture; it shows off the clarity and at the same time promoting how good the product is!

3. Deals & Promotions

Another great way to promote your products and your customers wouldn’t even mind it as they feel they are receiving a special treatment or getting a deal that can’t be found anywhere else. Provide different deals and offers to your consumers on various social networks, time and again so not only does it increase their excitement and sales, brings your product to the spotlight.

ExampleFlipkart, before their #BigBillionDay sale created a lot of hype and excitement about their products they are housing. This image provides such an offer to their users that truly seems one of a kind, which they cannot deny “India’s Biggest Sale Ever.” Great strategy to not only create hype, but at the same time promoting their products and increasing purchase intent!

4. Visual Mediums

As content marketing matures, one common emerging theme is that visual content is the rising trend. With Facebook and Twitter’s new layout proves that rich media and photos are the best way to engage with your audiences. With emphasis given to videos, introduction of new Vine & Hyperlapse by Instagram great way to communicate with your consumers creatively and weaving in your products in those stories.

Example – I very recently did a post on how brands are leveraging Hyperlapse by Instagram in their content marketing plans to promote their products, do their brands storytelling. Similarly you can tap into the potential of images/videos to promote your products through these creative mediums so it looks appealing and gets your message across.

5. Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, images or videos can really get your audiences excited as it showcases how the products they are using are being processed and makes them a part of the brands storytelling and in-turn deepening the connect between the brand and consumer.

Instagram + catalog = Instalog. Go behind the scenes at our #September catalog shoot to see how 11 of our favorite #NYC Instagrammers brought fall shoes & accessories to life (link in profile). #nordstrom

ExampleNordstorm, fashion retailer showed their viewers of how they snap pictures for their catalog. From where they ultimately look at products and make their buying decisions. This promotes your product and makes your users feel like they have a pass to backstage of the fashion shoot.

Social Media can be an effective marketing tool for your brand, if used correctly or it will only rob you off your time and efforts put in. Thus don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to promoting your product/service, have fun and learn from your experiments. But the bottom line is, you shouldn’t come across as pushy and a broadcaster cause that will annoy your consumers and you don’t want to do that!

What tactics do you make use of on social media to promote your products, without coming across too pushy? Do share your insights with us in the comments section below.

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