Is your law firm debating whether or not to engage in social media and digital marketing strategies? It’s time to get on board.

5 Ways Your Law Firm Can Engage with Clients Through Social Media

Social media platforms provide a special opportunity for law firms to engage with their clients and to present the web presence that attracts prospective clients.

Customers take to the Internet when they are gathering information and making choices about which law firm they would like to represent them. By establishing and maintaining an active web presence, you can become the clear frontrunner in an endless line of law firms.

Use your social media platforms to exhibit your specialization

Clients investigating your social media profiles are seeking confirmation that you’re an expert in the field they need assistance in. Help confirm this fact by tweeting, posting, and linking to niche topics in the areas you are seeking to recruit clients. Not only will passersby see you as a potential good fit for their case, but they’ll also be confident that you are up-to-date in the area of specialization they are seeking support in.

Take your offline life online

Social media is also an opportunity to show clients your flexibility and thoughtfulness in modern ways. Greet, thank, or celebrate clients via your social media platform for important events such as anniversaries, birthdays, or court successes. You can also offer promotional gifts for connecting with or linking to your firm via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Use special searches to find specific clients or parties

Search for prospective clients or parties by location or by topic using Twitter’s Advanced Search and Facebook’s Search By Location. You can also target any who might be involved in a class action lawsuit based on location, topic, or photos.

Once you establish your expertise, give a positive impression of your working style

Offer to connect with clients via Facebook message or instant message, Twitter Direct Message (DM), or LinkedIn InMail if it is a more convenient form of communication for them. Visit your client’s offices to show them that they are important to you. Even better? Tweet or post photos of their office and employees and post to your social media platforms to create a sense of community.