The pace of social is quick – it takes seconds for your Tweet to be buried under others. An average Facebook user’s feed has about 1500 posts per day. To keep up with social, you’ve to be fast and efficient. That’s where social media management apps come in.

Your typical social media marketing process probably involves the following steps – [Create curate content – add images/format – share – analyze – rinse and repeat]

There are apps that can speed up different stages of your social media management cycle. In this article we’ll discuss apps that can help your create, curate, share and monitor content across social.


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A content curation and employee advocacy app, DrumUp helps you save the time spent on looking for and sharing content. Based on a machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm, DrumUp searches the web and gives you the best possible content recommendations for you. The search results are tailored to suit keywords that you can set and change as per your requirements and are shareable across multiple social media platforms using single clicks. Custom posts that you make can also be stored to DrumUp’s content library for a quick future use. But the most exciting feature is the employee advocacy program that lets you invite employees to share content that you pick. If 50 employees’ social media accounts went into marketing efforts, imagine how much lesser time you’d need to meet your goals!

Availability: DrumUp is available as an Android app, an iOS app, and also as a chrome extension.


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To be considered a great conversationalist, you’ve first got to listen. As a brand, you have to listen to strike conversations with people who matter, and you’ve also got to listen to monitor your brand image amongst your audience.

TweetDeck is a really cool app that lets you do this and more. Using this app you can organize and build custom timelines to keep track of mentions, activity, keyword lists and multiple account feeds, all in one interface. You can also share interesting tweets with your colleagues and provide access to accounts without divulging passwords. The best thing about TweetDeck although is its real-time streaming. You never have to click on refresh to view the latest additions to a feed.

Availability: TweetDeck is available as a desktop app, iOS app, and also as a chrome extension.


IFTTT screenshot

Did you know that IFTTT stood for If Not This Then That? This amazing app has a bunch of diverse features ranging from social media data syndication to over 300 app integrations. IFTTT was started to “put the internet to work for you”.

Here are a bunch of interesting things you can do with IFTTT and social media – You can post your Instagram pictures as native Twitter images, manage connections across different platforms, add all of your tweets to Google Spreadsheets, schedule Facebook page posts with Google calendar and get this – with a specific kind of lighting system, you can get a light to turn on each time you’re tagged on Facebook!

Availability: IFTTT is available as an Android app and an iOS app.


Canva Screenshot

It’s been well established that images raise engagement levels on social media. But creating a great image is time-consuming, and simply sharing images may bring up license issues. Canva has changed the concept of creating images. If you’re looking for a simple tool to use without compromising on the resulting image quality, Canva is a great choice.

On Canva you can pick from a wide range of graphics, photos, fonts and then use a simple drag and drop tool to add them to your blank canvas. You can also create collages, social media graphics, add text to your images, straighten and crop images to fit different frames. With fun voice bubbles, transparency and fade effects and more, Canva gives you the professional look with minimal effort on your part.

Availability: Canva is available as a desktop app, iOS app, and also as a chrome extension.


Grammarly Screenshot

Somebody once said, “The attractiveness of correct grammar cannot be overstated.” There’s a certain image you project by the way you say things and especially on the internet – which is forever – how you say things matters.

Grammarly is an incredibly handy tool because its functionality extends to fields and editors anywhere on the internet. Further, Grammarly has over 150 critical grammar and spell checks, and a 100 plus advanced checks written into its algorithm. A built-in Grammarly vocabulary suggests corrections, the tool even has genre-specific writing style check making the suggestions that much more relevant. So the last time you spent an hour proof-reading some social media content will probably be the last time you ever do that!

Availability: Grammarly is available as an Android app, chrome extension and also as an MS Office plug-in

If you’re using the internet and social media, you’ve got to be using the right tools to ease your efforts and amp up your efficiency, or the concept of real-time and now will be lost.