No matter how great your content is, it needs to be found by people who are interested in what you have to say. That’s why Medium is a great platform for writers (especially new ones), because it solves content distribution problems for its authors. You can start without a followers base and still be discovered by Medium readers. This is a great motivation to start.

As you probably know – the more recommendations your article receives, the more people will discover it. So you should try promoting your writing to make your blog even more successful. Here are a few tools that can help you with that.


As Babbly team says, “Quality content deserves to be shared!” This tool works really simple – you share others’ content in your social media profiles to get shares back to your content. Just submit your Medium post link, share some content yourself and see new readers coming. Babbly analytics will show you how many new clicks you’ve received.


If you have some following in your social media profiles, I am sure you’ve already shared links to your Medium posts. But are you still sharing them or did it just happen once? If your Medium posts are relevant for a long period of time, use Hiplay to automatically share them periodically. A must-do for all content creators. This tool works on top of your Buffer account.


You can also promote your Medium posts using Quuu. Submit your post link and see shares coming. Literally. Some categories are paid. But if you write about let’s say Yoga, Music, Parenting or Healthcare, you can submit your content for free. See the full list of categories. Take advantage of this tool while it is still new and not expensive.

Viral Content Buzz

One more tool to get shares after you share someone’s content in your social media profiles. Very similar to Babbly. This tool gives you more credits if you have a solid amount of followers. It might be a good idea to use both.

Start a Fire

This is a great tool to use because it works almost effortlessly. Drive readers to your Medium post by every external link you share. It helps to leverage the distribution of other people’s content in a way that benefits both the creator and you. Just try it!

Please share how you promote your Medium posts in the comments below. Thanks for reading!