Influencer marketing is a great and cost-effective way for brands to reach potential buyers. Influencers have a large audience reach and their audience actually trusts their messages. Advertisers also say that engagement is significantly higher when it comes from an influencer versus an advertisement. In fact, audiences are more skeptical of advertising. For many marketers, influencer marketing is a new territory and they are unsure on how to best utilize social influencers. At LaneTerralever, we utilize social influencers for some of our clients, including GORE-TEX® Brand! Here are some tips to get the most out of working with social influencers:

  1. Trust the influencer and give them creativity – Influencers know what their audience wants and needs. Give them the license to be creative with their content because they are more likely to know how to build engagement. If you limit them to something specific, there is a chance they may say no.
  2. Engage influencers that love what your brand offers – Influencers who love/believe in your brand are more likely to agree to be a representative of your brand and reach the type of audience you strive to reach. If they don’t believe in your brand, they will most likely decline. Even if they do accept, they won’t be very convincing to their audience.
  3. Sponsor influencer contests and giveaways – Influencers’ audiences go crazy for contests, so it is a great way to generate some attention and excitement around your brand.
  4. Don’t just look for celebrity influencersCelebrity influencers may be convincing with millions of followers on social channels, but believe it or not, they are expensive and non-celebrity influencers are often more respected and can offer better results, while being cost effective.
  5. Build connections – More and more brands are turning to influencer advertising, which means influencers can be more selective with their marketing partnerships. New York Time’s article dives into why brands select influencers and how influencers with a big following have to be picky when selecting endorsements. The partnership needs to be with a brand that has to feel organic and something the influencer truly believes in. Mr. Dillion, a YouTube star, said he passes down a lot of brand deals because of this.

What are your thoughts on using social influencers? Have you used them before? Did you see results? Comment below!