5 Tips For Using Email To Boost Your Social Media

Are you optimizing your email marketing campaigns to increase your social media presence?

Savvy marketers are using their email subscribers – who have already opted-in to receiving their content – to help syndicate content with their own networks.

Optimize your email marketing program to boost your social media efforts in 5 easy ways:

1. Include social network links in emails

Add social network icons with links that point to your social media networks in your emails to extend the reach of the content. Include them in the header or footer and make sure they are bold and visible.

social media icons in email

Increase the virility of your content by allowing your current subscribers work for you by creating an easy way for them to share your content. By making your email content easily sharable, you can reach a new audience by tapping into the reach of your email subscribers.

The more people that share your email, the more opportunity for other people to read your message and become a subscriber. Have multiple sharing options to give your audience as many options as possible to share your message.

2. Send dedicated emails

Directly ask your subscribers to follow your brand on Twitter, “Like” your Facebook brand page, follow your company on LinkedIn, etc. Be sure to describe the benefit they will get from taking that next step of connecting with your brand on that social network.

Like us on Facebook Email

3. Coordinate marketing channels for integrated marketing campaigns

Engage with your community across email and social channels. When you add a new opt-in subscriber from social media, send them an email follow up. Have tracking and analytics in place to find out how and on what channels your audience likes to engage with your company/brand.

integrated marketing analytics

4. Encourage newsletter readers to share your email with their networks

Add social sharing links and explicitly ask your readers to share the email with their social networks. You can also add an incentive to encourage sharing. This reward may be offering a small coupon to people who receive it or view it from social media, such as 5% off or offering free shipping.

5. Include social media snippets in your newsletter

Include snippets of your social media posts and updates in your email. People will enjoy being recognized by your brand by seeing their tweet or facebook status included in your email. Others will see that your brand highlights active community members and will be more inclined to participate and engage.

While many companies use both social media marketing and email marketing in their marketing campaigns most companies are missing out on the benefits of integrating the two channels. With alignment between all your online efforts you can achieve even greater results.