Getting yourself noticed on social media websites is not an easy task especially when you are using these social media websites for your commercial purposes like promoting your brand, trying to get sales. Though social media provides lot of opportunities and benefits to the business owners, the question is that how business owners can get themselves noticed without getting themselves marked as spammers or getting shunned from the community and leverage the social media benefits. Although, social media is evolving and social media users are still on a learning curve. Here are the few tips which can help you to get yourself heard and noticed amongst your target audience on social media websites.

Keep Your Message Simple – Your audience doesn’t have time to read long and complicated promotional messages. So it is your duty to keep your message simple and clear. Remove the clutter which is not relevant to your offer from the message. A complex message is hard to understand and to remember and hence it is less effective.

Customize it – Every social networking site is different and hence has a different eco system. The way your Facebook audience thinks is completely different from your target audience on LinkedIn. So make sure to customize your message according to the place where you are going to present it.

Make it about them – Nobody cares about your products so make sure that your content is not self centered and is about you. Your content (messages) on social media websites should focus on the needs of your target audience and how your products can benefit them. The best strategy is to write your messages in second person. Use words like “you” and “your” and make them about their problems and needs.

Promote in Right Places – Make sure that you are promoting your message at the right place and right time. The right place depends on the product you are promoting. For e.g. – Promoting a music store on LinkedIn is not a good, you’ve to go to Myspace for that. Similarly it is hard to find partners for your new venture on Facebook, you should go to LinkedIn.

Reach out at the appropriate time – The best time to reach out to your audience is when they actually need you – like while making a buying decision or need some latest information about the industry. Avoid bothering them with your promotional messages again and again as it will frustrate them and they will start hating your company.

Social media is an art. And like any other art, the more you will practice social media, the better you will become.