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Social Media Marketing has become a powerful tool for increasing exposure, growing a business, and generating revenue.

However, there is a line between using Social Media personally versus using it professionally and sometimes business owners don’t see this line. Here are 5 things a business should not do while using Social Media to promote their products/services.

1. Only Posting Promotional Material

Some business owners are under the impression that a business account on Social Media should only be used to promote their business. Your audience does not use Social Media to only get direct sales messages, while they are using Social Media to research their purchases, they want to do it on their own time. If you are only posting sales messages and not providing useful and informative updates they will likely leave your page or turn off your updates.

In addition to being annoying, the algorithm on most of the Social sites considers several factors in showing updates to your audience, if your updates are turned off or your audience isn’t interested or engaging with the post the next update you put out will likely not make it into News Feeds.

2. Posting Inappropriate Content

Not all of your followers are Trump Supporters, and not all of them are Democrats. They also likely include a variety of religions, nationalities, and backgrounds. It is inappropriate for your business to involve itself with political, religious, and other lifestyle updates. Stick to your business and industry. Providing content that relates to your business is a safe bet.

Trust me, you don’t want to start a debate on your Social sites, no one wins, most especially your business.

3. Irrelevant Cross-Posting

Facebook allows you to copy your updates to your Twitter account and Instagram allows you to post your updates to Facebook or Twitter. While cross-posting saves time and is a great way to stay active on the tops Social sites, there are times when your updates don’t translate the specific platform.

Make sure to take time to ensure updates are custom designed to get the most engagement and interest per the site you are using. This doesn’t mean to avoid cross-posting, just make sure that original content that fits the specific sites are posted in addition to the cross-posted updates.

4. Ignoring Comments/Messages

One of the main goals for daily Social Updates is getting followers to engage with your post. Engagement with an update increases the likelihood your future updates will be seen. Comments on your updates or Social accounts contributes to SEO/search rank outside of certain Social sites, and the people in your followers’ networks also see that interaction and your business is then introduced to a whole new audience. Engagement is crucial.

However, if your followers are commenting on updates or asking questions or leaving a review it is imperative that, at the very least, you acknowledge their comment. They are leaving a comment or asking a question because they want to interact with your business. 71% of consumers who have had a good Social Media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. Do not ignore them.

5. Failing to Optimize your Facebook Page

Facebook offers several different templates for business pages. This template is like setting up a mini-website within the Facebook platform. Ecommerce sites can create a storefront within their Facebook page. Look at these templates and be sure to select the template that makes the most sense for your business and the one that will help your business generate sales and get new customers.

Another important component to your Facebook Page, and all your social sites, is making sure the “About Us” or “Bio” section of the account is completed. This information will optimize your business for searches within the platforms. It also helps consumers understand what it is that you do, what you sell and where you are located (if you are a brick-and-mortar establishment or have a specific service area.) Make sure all key information has been entered into this section. Give people all the information needed to find you and to do business with you.

Using Social Media to promote your business and increase your sales is not as easy as posting a photo or sharing a coupon. Social Media is a serious marketing and advertising tool, it takes time and knowledge to use it correctly. If used properly, your business will see a return on this investment. If you aren’t sure what to do, hire a professional!