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BOOM! Information overload. Noise.

Cut through the clutter – but how?

Searching for rich and valuable content to share or repurpose with your audience is a social media essential to creating trust, interest and loyalty. Remarkable content is written for your buyers and their needs not just as a self promotional tool. Be the resource that readers turn to for information and answers. Know and understand your audience to feed their social media content appetites.

Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one. Robert Rose

Where do you look? You probably already have your list of RSS feeds from industry thought leaders, Twitter lists, feedly, your trusted network, keyword searches and various other news feeds but what if you had a few other news aggregators to easily compile your interests and top trends into one place? How cool is that? It certainly saves time and weeds out the “blah” that isn’t truly of value.

Prismatic: displays articles based upon your network shares. It is simple to use. Sign in with Facebook or Twitter. Pick topics, publishers or exact matches. Share your comments or “likes.”

Tagboard: is a social media hub for hashtags. It searches through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ for the hashtag you entered and presents you with the results, noting the platform. You can tweet, reply or comment right within the search results. You can also create your own personal Tagboard with a keyword and images. Create your own daily newspaper in just seconds. The free version permits 25 resources to populate your content from your social media community. processes more than 250 million social media posts per day. Personalize your paper with a custom title and tagline, set up a promotional tweet upon publishing and even add the news widget to your website. They also offer a bookmarklet to add to your browser to quickly add great content.

Ace Concierge

Inbound: Great source for content especially revolving around social media, SEO, and inbound marketing. Register with Twitter, submit content and join the conversation. Simple keyword searches deliver valuable content right to your fingertips.

Inbound Marketing Content Curation

Flipboard: Magazines on the web for iOS and Android phones. Curate from newsworthy sites, magazines and other uses to populate remarkable content to share with your audience. Browse sections based upon interests and categories. Choose and arrange the sections according to your interests and industry. Find, subscribe and share! #thatwaseasy


Now that you have a few places to curate content, share it with your community.


  1. Make sure you tag the author’s Twitter handle.
  2. Use appropriate hashtags, but don’t overdo it.
  3. Schedule your posts using Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or your tool of choice.
  4. Read about the best times to post.
  5. Track and measure the results of your efforts.

Your turn. What are your favorite content curation sites?

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