Are you getting the most out of your social media marketing?

For most businesses, the answer is “No.” One of the big reasons why is that these businesses aren’t using the right tools.

You see, without the right social media tools, it’s difficult to reach the right audience, create a viral post, optimize your social posts, and get meaningful analytics. And without all of this, your social media efforts will come up short.

So, which social media tools do smart marketers use?

Here are 5 social media tools every smart marketer uses…

  1. Word Swag

If you aren’t using Instagram to promote and market your business, you should be. It’s constantly growing, and the audience is highly engaged.

And the Word Swag tool is perfect for Instagram (it also works well for any site you post pictures to).

It allows you to easily add custom text to your images. Plus, it has customer filters you can add to make your pictures stand out.

It’s great for inserting calls to action, inspirational quotes, and any other type of text you want within your images. You can also add a watermark with your logo, to help increase brand awareness.

If you want to make your Instagram posts stand out, this is the tool for you

  1. SocialFlow

How do you know the optimal times to post on social media?

That’s important information, and it can be the difference between a post going viral and a post being forgotten in the depths of social media.

Well, SocialFlow helps you figure that out.

It analyzes social signals to help you identify where you should spend money on promoted Tweets, promoted posts, sponsored stories, and more.

In doing so, your social media posts add to the conversation, instead of trying to start a new one that people might not engage with.

And the tool gets results, tool. Daily Mail saw a 30% in Facebook engagement, Fast Company saw a 30% increase in Facebook shares, and the New York Post saw a 30% increase in Retweets in the first 3 months.

  1. BuzzSumo

What type of content does your target audience want?

That’s the question that BuzzSumo helps you answer.

With the tool, you can find the highest shared posts for any topic, as well as the most shared posts on any website (including yours).

You can use this information to give your audience more of what they want, and design future posts to be more shareable.

You can also use it for more effective guest post outreach. How?

Simply type in the URL of the website for which you’d like to guest post. Then, take a screenshot of the top 4 most shared posts.

Include this screenshot in your guest post outreach email, and provide similar guest post topics.

This shows that you’ve done your research, and also that your topics have potential to perform well.

4. Bit.ly

The appearance of your URL can make a big difference with social media.

Usually, you’ll want your link to be shorter so it can fit into your Twitter posts and Instagram bio, and overall look cleaner and more concise.

That’s what Bit.ly is for. It’s a link shortener that allows you to not only shorten and share the link, but also track total clicks, where those clicks came from, and when they were clicked!

5. Snip.ly

You shouldn’t just be sharing links to your own website on your Facebook page. It’s best to have a little diversity. Every few posts, you should link to another page. This will add value to your audience and show that you’re not all about constant self-promotion.

But the problem is, when you link to another page, visitors have no way to get to your site.

Well, Snip.ly fixes that problem. It allows you to add a call-to-action at the bottom of the page you link to.

For example, if you link to a blog post on Entrepreneur.com, you can add a CTA pop-up that says something like, “Check out my website: Click here!” That CTA will appear to everyone who visits the page from your social link.

And so, you can add value to your audience while still reminding them of your site!


Don’t let your social media efforts go to waste. Instead, use these tools and harness the power the social media has to offer! In doing so, you’ll get the highest bang for your social media buck.

What social media tools do you love? Let us know in the comments below!