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Social media tools can help you become incredibly effective when managing your social media platforms activities. Being efficient, allows you to create more engagement and free more time for personal discussions. In turn engagement and discussions are two of the cornerstones of growing your online influence.

New social media tools offer more robust solutions for automating processes, providing more in-depth analysis on each campaign, optimizing search engine positioning and improving distribution channels of online content.

A recent list of 40 Amazing Social Media Startups features social media tools that are capable of helping you to promote your content and brand on various social media platforms. In this post we focus on 5 of the above-mentioned social media startups, all are startups in Israel. The featured startups offer unique ways to utilizing distribution channels, discovering interesting and shareable content, sharing it with your audience in the ideal timing, and analyzing the results of the campaign within your audience.


Swayy provides its users with suggested personalized content and a simple sharing platform to engage their target audience. The content discovered is based either on preselected topics (“Based on Topics You’ve selected”) or on the particular audience of each user on social media platforms (“Currently Trending in your Circles”) and their respective communities (“Based on your Community”).

Recently, Swayy introduced a Chrome extension which allows its users to share their content to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This Chrome extension is a real time saver. A unique service provided by Swayy is an automatically recommended hashtags generator, which recommends applicable hashtags to Twitter and Facebook posts, as well as suggested mentions to the Twitter accounts.

One of the most time-consuming tasks, when sharing posts to social media platforms, is identifying the most suitable hashtags. The solution provided by Swayy almost eliminates the burden of having to find hashtags for your posts. Swayy is one of few social media tools that also allows its users to schedule their posts for later.

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Roojoom is a social media content curation tool that creates beautiful and engaging interfaces, made of links and insights, usually on a certain topic. More than 4,000 Roojooms were created on a range of topics including business, marketing, tech, entrepreneurship, couching and much more.

Roojoom positions itself as a helpful social media tool for everyone looking to express themselves over social media platforms, share content on a specific topic or prove themselves as experts in their field. Roojooms are embeddable into blog posts, and offer readers with the benefit of learning a topic from experts instead of “just reading random links on the web”.

Embedding roojooms into blog posts provides more benefits, such as reducing bounce rates by providing more eye-catching relevant content, and increasing the average time spent on each page, as readers stay longer to read its content.

Roojoom - Social Media Tools

Roojoom can become a significant social media tool for establishing thought leadership and growing online influence by means of distributing organized and well thought of articles, or any other type of media, in any particular topic. From a business perspective, a roojoom can include call-to-action, thus serving as a lead generator, increasing exposure for brands. Roojooms can also increase your efficiency by providing more options to repurpose existing content that was previously distributed on other social media platforms.

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EverPost is a very effective social media tool, which can provide you with personalized content on regular basis. EverPost filters content on social media platforms and presents its users with relevant content. The content presented by EverPost is based on filters predefined by its users, and is continuously updated. “Post Link as a Photo” is an extremely helpful feature when it comes to increasing engagement levels with your online community.

EverPost is one of very few social media tools that allow you to maximize the exposure of your posts, based on its analysis of the best time to post. You can configure EverPost to share your posts at the best time for your audience, across all your social media platforms, including Facebook fan pages, Twitter profiles, LinkedIn profile and company pages. Alternatively, you can schedule a post for a specific day and time.

Paid features in EverPost provide users with access to unique types of content, such as suggested gamified posts. In addition EverPost suggests quotation posts, aimed to keep your social media platforms interactive and your followers engaged with your content.

EverPost - Social Media Tools

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The Community tab of this social media tool is where the magic really happens. scans your activity on Twitter and suggests tweets that you want to consider to reply to, people that you can consider to re-engage, and other users that you might want to follow or unfollow. In addition to all of that, can help you to find new leads in your Twitter stream.

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Twtrland is a unique social media tool that gives you a visual snapshot of your online presence on the most important social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. With its visualization tools, Twtrland unfolds your online influence metrics and shows you who makes up your audience demographics.

Using Twtrland can help you find the people that you should connect with. It highlights conversations and people who regularly talk with you, thus helping you to create meaningful conversations and scale your business. The powerful analysis features in Twtrland can show you your followers distribution by geography, age, gender and interests, hence helping you deeply understand the audience that your are communicating with. Twtrland positions itself as a social intelligence tool, and it is one of very few social media tools that provide you with this function.

When searching for influencers in a certain skill, Twtrland allows you to drill down by geography, thus allows you to find influencers in a certain topic in your area. Twtrland is a must have tool when designing your social media strategy. Using this social media tool enables you to identify characteristics of your audience, which comes really handy when picking the content for your distribution channels.

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The Future of Social Media Tools

Social media tools are constantly improving in helping internet users to become more efficient when managing their social media activities on a vast of social media platforms. Using social media tools can provide you with a competitive advantage by saving time and increasing engagement opportunities. Each social media tool demonstrates its own uniqueness and capabilities, you need to take that into account when choosing tools for your social media toolbox.

Which social media tools do you use to increase your productivity?

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