5 Social Media Tips For Success

There are billions of people using social media to interact with their friends, grow a big audience, see what celebrities are up to, make connections, or for various other reasons. If you are one of the people who wants to grow a big social media audience and make connections, here are five tips that will help you out with that.

#1: Be on multiple social networks.

The more social networks you have, the more places people can find you. Out of all of the social networks, Twitter brings in the most traffic, but Pinterest also brings in numerous visitors on a daily basis. Some people have interviewed me because they found me on Pinterest.

When you are utilizing numerous social networks, it is also important to focus most of your time on one of those social networks. If you master one social network, you will be able to grow a large audience on that social network. After you master one social network, you should then aspire to master another social network that you are using.

The great thing about taking this approach is that each time you master a social network and know how to grow a big audience on them, it gets easier to repeat the process on the other social networks. Some of the knowledge needed to get 100,000 Facebook likes is identical to the knowledge needed to get 100,000 Pinterest followers.

Being on multiple social networks gives you an advantage, but it is important to focus most of your time on one social network: your most successful one.

#2: Post more often throughout the day

One of the things that so many people forget about is that there are different time zones for different places in the world. That means some people will be awake at different times than you. Here is a typical scenario of why this knowledge is important.

Let’s say you live in Florida, and it’s five o’clock in the morning. You may be wondering who could possibly be looking at your social media posts at that time. Here are the people who could be looking at your social media posts:

  1. People in the United Kingdom. At the same time it is 5 am in Florida, it is 9 am in the United Kingdom.
  2. People in Germany. At the same time it is 5 am in Florida, it is 10:05 am in Germany.
  3. People in Japan. At the same time it is 5 am in Florida, it is 6 pm in Japan.

I can go on, but this is enough information for me to make my point. Posting more content throughout the day will give more people a chance to see your content regardless of their timezone. When you put your content in front of a large amount of people, your content can spread farther.

#3: Post specific content

One of the most important things to do on social media is to post specific content. Posting specific content will make it easier for people to know what you specialize in. If you talk about a plethora of unrelated topics, your audience will be confused. Your message and what you talk about needs to be as clear as possible to your audience.

I am known for posting content related to digital marketing, productivity, and motivation. All three of these topics are connected because you need motivation to be productive, and you need to be productive in order to be a good digital marketer. Then, you need to know about digital marketing so you can optimize your presence on the web.

Many people who want to learn more about digital marketing also want to learn about productivity, motivation, or both. That way, the content you post on your social networks is the same content that your audience is looking for. If you send out some social media posts about baseball, other social media posts about fashion, and a few other social media posts about food, you are going to confuse your followers. Posting specific content eliminates this problem and allows people to know what niche you are in.

#4: Include pictures in your posts

Some social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest require a picture in every post. There are other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook that do not require pictures. The only problem is that because it’s not a requirement, many people miss out on adding pictures to their social media posts.

Posts with pictures get more engagement than posts without pictures. The most retweeted tweet of all-time has a picture, and that’s not a coincidence. If you look at the tweets I send out without pictures compared to the tweets with pictures, you will see an incredible difference. Some of my pictures with tweets have been retweeted over 100 times. Most of my tweets without pictures get 1-5 retweets (I only get this many retweets per tweet because of my tweeting frequency. It all adds up though). Pictures have the power to boost the engagement for any post on any social network.

#5: Be consistent

You need to post at a consistent and frequent basis. Posting less times than expected will result in fewer people seeing your content and following you. In addition, when you are implementing your social media strategy, you need to implement it consistently.

There are many people who learn about a new social media strategy that works wonders for other people, give that strategy a try, and then never go back to that strategy again. The reason is that the people who became successful by implementing a certain strategy became successful by implementing that strategy over a long period of time.

Let’s say your goal is to get 10,000 Twitter followers, and you encounter a strategy that results in 100 Twitter followers every day. You can implement it in one day and get another 100 Twitter followers, but you need to implement the same strategy for 99 more days in order to get 10,000 Twitter followers. If you implement the strategy on one day and then forget about it for the rest of the week, the strategy will not have a big impact on your presence.

In Conclusion

Social media success is something that takes time, but it is not nearly as hard as many experts say. It is possible for anyone to be successful on any social network, and these five tips will be very helpful in your quest to dominate social media.

Which tip was your favorite? Do you have a 6th tip for social media success? Please share your thoughts and advice below.