The goal of social media is to elevate your brand and your business. The best way to this is by having a consistent brand image and connecting with your audience, but are you following all the rules of engagement on social media? Here are 5 social media questions you should be asking.

1. Are my social media posts as successful as they could be?

Being self aware of how your social media platform is performing is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your brand. You must be able to recognize how successful your posts are and how you can improve them to make them even more successful. Thankfully, there are specialized analytics platforms at your disposal to use to determine how your social media accounts are stacking up. Use these to your advantage to stay ahead of the game!

2. Does my content add value to my audience?

The main reason you created your business and brand in the first place was to bring something new and fresh to an existing market. Your audience relies on you for quality content that means something to them so you absolutely have to make sure that your content is always adding value to your audience. You don’t want to become the boring brand or the annoying brand.

3. What opportunities am I missing out on with social media?

There are so many different opportunities for you to capitalize on when it comes to your social media platforms so its important to keep track of the ones you’re successfully using and the ones you may be missing out on. Keep informed and up to date with the popular trends on social media to make sure you’re using the right hashtags, Twitter chats, or advertising to methods to remain connected with your audience. If you’re interacting and posting in the wrong places, no one will be able to find you and promote your brand.

4. What social media network is the top referring channel to your website?

Knowing how your audience is getting to your website is very important so that you know where to devote the majority of your time. By using Google Analytics you can determine which social media network provides the majority of traffic to your website; by doing this you can figure out which network to be more focused on. If you aren’t getting any traffic from your Facebook page, you obviously don’t need to devote a lot of time towards that channel. If the majority of your traffic comes from Twitter, it would be wise to spend more time with your Twitter profile and interacting with your audience there.

5. Are there brands you can cross promote with on social media?

The odds are that there are plenty of other brands or businesses out there in the same boat as you, so why not team up with them and benefit both of you at the same time? Joining forces with another brand helps you reach a different audience than you usually do and shows that you are willing to do what it takes to be successful. Additionally, this can also be a great learning experience and you may pick up on some helpful tools or tricks from someone else that will make you more successful in the long run. Finally, by forming social media partnerships you will have other brands you can rely on for assistance and promotion for many years to come.