Do Craft A Plan Based On Your Business Objectives

Before you even start social media marketing you need to craft a plan based on your business objectives. This is one thing many entrepreneurs fail to do. In their rush to jump on the social media bandwagon, they fail to plan.

You can start with the basics:

WHO do you want to reach?
WHAT do you want to achieve?
HOW will you do it?

Of course, you should go beyond this and create a comprehensive strategy. This blog from Hootsuite is a good guide.

Do Be Social.

social media
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Social media marketing is about the conversations you can start and join that advances engagement. Join communities so that you can engage with like-minded people and build relationships before selling. Answer people’s comments. Thank them for their compliments and their complaints

Understand why your audience is on social media so that you can engage with them on their level. And find ways to inspire your audience to react to your content. One way is to ask a compelling question.

You can also leverage life events in your social campaigns to make a huge impact on your audience. Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or promotion? Share that with your followers so they can share your excitement.

Don’t Add People To Your Page Or Group – Invite Them.

You should always invite your followers to your page or group. If you just add them without their permission you are asking people to leave the group and unfollow you. Make your pages and group interesting to your followers and they will want to join.

on social media use amazing images
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Do Use Awwwmazing Graphics

Social needs to be hyper-visual so you need to create a beautiful visual experience for your followers.

Double-check graphic sizes before posting any graphics on social media, including your cover photos, as they are always changing. Bookmark and use Sprout Social’s Always Up-To-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes.

One thing I frequently see is poor cover photos on profiles, groups, and pages. You should create a professional cover photo and make sure the entire image is visible and any text is legible.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Outsourcing Your Social Media Marketing To A Professional And Automate.

Social media marketing is time-intensive. Outsourcing to a professional will save you time and can help you leapfrog over the competition.

You should also use tools like Buffer, MeetEdgar or Hootsuite to monitor all your social media accounts in one place. This will make it easier for you to avoid missing important engagement opportunities.