Snapchat is a mobile app founded by Casey Neisat and Co-founder Evan Spiegel (2011). This application allows you to send ‘snap’ or instant pictures and videos to friends. It can also work as a messaging app, where you can take your videos or photos and add a graphic cover-top, doodle, caption or lens and send it to your friends.

You do not have to worry about deleting the snapchat messages and images sent; they automatically delete themselves after 10 seconds of viewing. However, for safety purposes, it is advisable for you to know how to delete a snapchat story.

Why Teenagers Love Snapchat

Snapchat works better with a generation that is always on the move and loves adventure. Here is why the young prefer snapchat to any other social platform:

  • One gets to know who is viewing their videos. Teenagers love feeling and treated as cool, especially when a popular person views them. For one to view your snapchat photos and videos they have to hold your name down to view and you can make your friends jealous by showing them who viewed your snap videos.
  • Snapchat makes you feel more relaxed when posting anything. Posting a video or picture on Instagram or Facebook often gives you the chills because of the high viewing expectations.
  • The young like associating with what is trending and snapchat is the place. Unlike Instagram where you only get to check in your account twice or once a day, snapchat allows several check-ups.
  • Snapchat is easy and fast to upload images to your story anytime. You can add photos or video clips to let your friends know what you are doing at that moment.
  • There is neither social nor peer pressure when you share your photos and videos on Snapchat. You do not have to worry about the number of views for you to be considered cool.
  • Snapchat allows you to caption anything and edit it to make it look nicer or funnier.

Why Should You Delete a Snapchat Story?

It is important for you to know how to delete a snapchat story manually. This saves you from trouble in case you posted something unpleasant about someone and would not like the information to get to them.

Here are a few reasons why you should ensure your images and messages are cleared from your snapchat memory:

  • Online privacy does not exist.

One of the greatest lies is that images displayed online eventually go away. This is absolutely false because these images are shared by so many people who use this app. The images travel through a number of servers from your phone to those of your friends. Messages sent are often stored in your phone’s memory (trash bin) and also in different websites and phones.

  • Information fed online is public.

Snapchat is all about privacy. You send information to people without wanting a certain group or person to view it. The images sent are private, yes, but you do not know where they go after automatically deleting themselves. Whether you are using an alien name; your name shall pop out some day in Google when one searches for that particular image you sent.

Always keep in mind that nothing really gets trashed unless you confirm the process.

How to Clear Snapchat Feed

Did you know that deleted snapchats usually go to the trash bin and are not completely deleted? Well, you can follow a few steps to delete a snapchat story.

  • Open the snapchat app; a ghost snapchat will appear at the top center of the screen.
  • Click the snap ghost and a snapchat icon will appear with your name.
  • On the top-left you will see a gear icon; tap on the ‘clear conversations.’
  • After hitting the icon, a message asking you whether you are sure about clearing the conversation will appear. The options ‘clear’ and ‘clear and don’t ask’ shall appear afterward.
  • Hit the right button (x-button) to clear your trash. Click on the messages you would want to clear and delete.

You can clear sent chats if one has not read or viewed your snaps sent unwillingly. You will have to Browse ‘Snapchat Support Delete page’; fill in your username and password; click on the ‘I’m not a robot’ and answer the message displayed. You will be asked to fill your password again. By filling in this information, you shall have deleted your old account. You can open a new account using the same name.

What You Never Knew About Snapchat

  1. Taylor Swift dated Snapchat Co-founder Evan Spiegel

Taylor and Snapchat Co-founder Evan were seen together in early 2014. According to OK! They dated for some time and later broke up.

  1. Facebook tried buying Snapchat in 2013.

In October 2013, Facebook tried to acquire Snapchat for $3billion in cash. Snapchat founders declined this offer because Snapchat had begun flooding with users. The same people leaving

Facebook was running to Snapchat and in a span of three months, snapchat users increased by 75%, from 220 to 350 million.

  1. Snapchat is preferred for goods purchasing.

Most people prefer buying products and services that are sent to them on a Snapchat coupon. Most thriving businesses use snapchat to communicate to their customers about discounts and offers.

  1. Most snapchat users are Females.

Taking pictures is an activity commonly preferred by the feminine gender snapchat gives them a good platform.

  1. The Ghost face used on Snapchats Logo is based on Ghostface Killah.

Snapchats logo ghost is based on Wu-Tang Clan; an American hip-hop group.