Selfie‘ was dubbed as the word of the year by oxford dictionary in 2013. Well it just doesn’t end there, your social networks are swarmed by selfies of friends, relatives and admit it; even you have taken a selfie and posted it on your social channels. Brands are not too far behind they have tapped in this craze and incorporated it in their campaigning efforts. Love them or hate them, selfies are here for now!

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Marketers have started to cash in on this trend. To highlight the importance of this pop culture trend, below is the list of selfie contests which will hopefully inspire you with some selfie marketing ideas for your next campaign. Like we did the best twitter campaigns article sometime back. But first, let me take a selfie ;)

1. AXE

Axe just launched AXE peace, a new range of their products. Thus, they kept the launch of their new product as the core idea when they ran their selfie contest on social media #KissForPeace – Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. The contest began on February 2014 and ended in June 2014, wherein they had 4 sub-contests (themes) i.e. – Kiss your loved one, kiss your rival, Pucker up and Kiss your AXE.

axe selfie contest

To qualify in these contests, for example in ‘Kiss your AXE’ step 1 – Kiss your favourite AXE product, step 2 – take a selfie when your kissing your product, step 3 – upload it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the #KissForPeace and stand a chance to win a trip to Berlin. The central idea of this contest was to draw awareness about the new product, and the themes arose from the variant name itself – in a world filled with war, the greatest weapon is love. Make love, not war with new AXE Peace.

2. Turkish Airline

Selfies are great way to get your customers involved, but roping in celebrities is a great way to increase participation and awareness of the contest. Turkish Airlines took its #SelfieShootout contest one step further by hiring Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi to market the campaign via a YouTube video.


The #SelfieShootout contest lasted for 3 months. 2 winners were announced on the basis of most likes they received on social platforms and they were rewarded a Turkish Airlines roundtrip flight ticket. The YouTube video received more than 130 million views within two weeks of its release. It just shows incorporating selfie + celebrities = Viral campaign!

3. Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole launched their selfie contest on January 31st 2014 and it ended on 31st March 2014. To participate the contestants had to follow their Instagram account, take a selfie with the message strip and post it with the hashtag #DressForYourSelfie. Winners stood a chance to win free shoes a year!

kenneth cole selfie

With this contest, the brand is trying to showcase the perfect example of leveraging user-generated content through the means of those message strips, it increases visibility of the brand, and helps gain more followers & credibility. Great way to get the word out, by inducing selfies and mind-numbingly amazing perk!

4. T-Mobile

T-Mobile has launched its back-to-school selfie contest #GradeUp wherein the contest consist of 5 entry periods and each entry period is divided into 2 parts – voting day & selfie day. To qualify participants have to follow T-mobile on their Instagram account, then they need to vote daily for their favourites and lastly have to post their selfie on the designated day on Instagram mentioned with the hashtags #GradeUp and #Sweeps. At end of contest 5 winners will be announced for each entry period and they will be rewarded with a prize package.

This contest is a great way to get an understanding of which product the users prefer as they are made of vote daily between two products, thus giving a better understanding of their consumer’s choices!

5. Ponds

Ponds tapped into the selfie craze as well and ran the selfie contest on Twitter wherein followers had to upload selfies with the hashtag #PondsSelfieReady. They promoted this contest on their Facebook page as well to increase awareness and participation. The contest begun on 18th April – 12th June 2014, the contest had 2 phases.


Simply click your selfie and upload it on the microsite to stand a chance to be showcased on a billboard across 6 cities. 3 winners were announced on 12th June and the ones who were shortlisted, were presented with a Ponds hamper. Ponds ran a very well executed contest, it being such a long duration created enormous buzz around it and in-turn increased participation.

Get inspired with these contest ideas and think how you can tap this to create next Selfie contest. All you need to do is carve your own niche, and use the medium to engage users with your brand and let them talk about your brand. To ease out your process of planning & implementing make use of various contest tools to boost your results.

Have you seen any other brand leveraging the power of selfie in their social media campaigns? Plus a little insight into what did you like about the campaign? Share your thoughts below!

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