Any business can significantly benefit from running marketing campaigns on social media.

Social media is an exciting and dynamic environment with billions of potential prospects and thousands of different markets, all connected and intertwined.

If you know how to tap into this incredible network, you get a chance to harness the power of the most abundant source of data available. The potential is unimaginable.

Here are just some of the facts to consider:

  • Social media platforms have more than 3 billion active users
  • Different platforms collect different demographics
  • Brands can grow followings on social platforms by getting direct access to social media users
  • Growing a huge following leads to the growth of the business
  • Social media is essential to establishing a brand today
  • Businesses need social media to build relationships with their customers
  • Social media helps establish trust between customers and companies

With all this in mind, social media automation helps a business make the most out of a social media campaign.

Here are 5 main reasons why any business should consider automating their social media campaign.

1. Save time

Social media campaigns require loads of time. For this, digital marketing teams need to be active and consistent if they want to attract customers to a company.

The best way to make time to achieve all social media goals is by using social media automation.

It offers options such as:

  • Engagement responses
  • Auto-posting
  • Scheduled posting

These options allow you to make the most of your timing and time in general.

Instead of wasting your precious time on managing your social media campaigns, you should use this time to:

  • Investigate growth opportunities
  • Engage with customers
  • Run your business

Automating marketing campaigns on various social platforms allows you to become more efficient in maintaining cohesive brand identity across multiple social networks.

Automation helps maximize your chances for engagement and exposure by ensuring posts are consistent, optimal, and timely.

2. Improve engagement

Since automation helps save time and take repetition out of the picture, you can use this newly found bandwidth to be more productive and interactive. Here’s all that your business can do:

  • Plan promotions and schedule events upfront to make more time you can use to engage with your target audience.
  • You can also use Social Media automation to provide a new approach to customer engagement by delivering more personalized customer service with each interaction.
  • Ask for their opinion and reviews, schedule your social media activities in advance, and plan random events as well as timed ones and flash sales.
  • Another interesting to improve engagement is by posting tutorials about your product or service. For this, you can easily use LMS software to create online courses.
  • Add quizzes and surveys to make the social media content a more engaging experience and assess your customers.

This is an excellent way to learn a lot about your ideal consumer, their preferences, pain points, and provide better customer service and experience with each interaction.

3. Boost your online presence

Social media presence is a critical factor for online business success. But today’s fierce competition doesn’t leave time for digital marketing teams to struggle with scheduling posts on different social media platforms.

The answer to this?

Social Media automation.

It allows you to plan social media calendars around the time you release a particular piece of content.

This can be anything from new product promotion, company news, the latest industry insights, marketing, advertising, and more. Then, there are also optimized times for engagement to think about.

Since it’s impossible to schedule posts for all platforms altogether for specific times, Social Media automation can take over and do it for you much more effectively.

How Coca-Cola aces social media campaigns

Coca-Cola is one of the best brand examples of how Social Media Automation helps maximize presence on social media.

The brand maintained a healthy presence across numerous channels by running an organic campaign for World Kindness Day 2019.

The campaign allowed consumers to participate and show their creativity. There were three major reasons why this was a success:

  • Consumers as creatives – the brand used an image-driven platform like Instagram to invite artists to create kindness-inspired images for the campaign to convey feelings of community and connection on social media.
  • Takeovers – the brand had a takeover style approach to refresh the sales by introducing a new product; New Coke.

The product was a better and nostalgic-looking version of Coca-Cola with improved taste which fans already knew from 1985. It turned out to be a huge success.

The brand’s paid and organic social media activity allowed them to take a multi-pronged approach and earn a huge social media coverage by including consumers to further promote the product.

  • Christmas campaign – the biggest campaign the brand ever launched, it brought a whole new approach to social media marketing.

The brand recreated their most successful Christmas TV ad to harness the power of nostalgia and remind their consumers of their presence on social, only this time they went a bit further.

The company sent a truck on tour around the UK so that consumers can taste the limited-edition product that was designed specifically for that occasion.

The brand even donated the product as a charity.

By doing so, the brand put the consumer in charge by enabling them to create original user-generated content that’s shareable on social media.

4. Reduce effort and maintain consistency

Just as Social Media automation saves time, it also reduces the effort it takes to maintain your online presence.

Instead of posting your campaigns daily, schedule your weekly posts on all your social channels and let the power of automation work for you.

You can run multiple social media campaigns much more efficiently this way while you’re also reducing any chance of human error.

Most importantly, consistency is the key to success in online business, and Social Media automation excels at helping you post with consistency.

You can’t attract prospects or build an audience on social media without being consistent. Social media is all about growing a following to raise brand recognition to improve your exposure and recognition.

And the only way to get your customers to follow your brand is by posting as often as your target audience demands.

Every social media platform is different, so learning how to be consistent on various social media sites will help you a lot.

5. Improve organization and widen your reach

Social Media automation is the best means of organizing your marketing strategy. It allows you to manage multiple campaigns seamlessly and effortlessly by gathering everything you need in one place.

When you organize things like that, you can create new opportunities for widening your reach and connect with your audience outside of your working hours.

It’s perhaps the best thing about automation – it works for you 24/7/365. Most consumers use social media on weekends and at night.

The best way to reach them is by automating your social media campaigns and post content according to your target audience.


Social media platforms are all about being engaged and interacting with your customers to find out what they want and need. Being consistent and keeping your target audience engaged at all times is the only way to build your brand across social channels.

Automating your social media campaigns can help your business in many ways. It saves time and reduces the amount of effort it takes to engage with your customers.

Automation also boosts your online presence and improves your organization.

It brings many benefits you can use to plan your online activities and do everything you can to get ahead of the competition.

So what are you waiting for?

Automate your social media campaigns starting today to boost your online brand presence and grow a strong customer base.