Negative reviews are hurtful to your pride and your business. Enough so that a whole new industry has sprung up: “reputation management”. But if someone posts a negative review on your Facebook fan page (you do have one of those, right?) you will be tempted to immediately delete it. Don’t.

Lisa Barone, of Outspoken Media,  has written about five excellent reasons to leave those negative expressions in place, and how to leverage that to your advantage. Here they are, but you need to read Lisa’s article for a full understanding.

  1. You want the conversation to happen at home
  2. It’s a chance to change the conversation
  3. You get to show off your customer service
  4. Gives you street cred
  5. You get feedback you can act on

You certainly don’t want to encourage negative reviews, but if you respond properly you can turn them into a positive experience for everyone.