Everyone knows how powerful social media can be for branding. It is not as simple as it seems to turn your social media users into leads and customers. But using the right tools, you’ll be able to optimize your social media conversions.

According to research from Shareaholic, social media drove almost 31.24 % of overall traffic to websites. Social media is a great place to reach target customers, increase follower counts and build a positive online reputation for online business.

There is another side of social media that helps converting social media followers into potential customers and qualified leads. The research from Monetate that analyzed more than 500 million shopping experiences revealed that social media is still standing behind when it comes to conversions. It means that social media traffic with an average conversion rate of 0.71% is generally poor in comparison with email’s 3.19 % and searcher’s 1.95%.

But it can be better, if you start building a robust social media conversion strategy now. Fortunately, there are many different types of tools available on the market. I’ve analyzed and collected these five tools that you can use in conjunction with your social media strategy and get better conversions results.

  1. SE Ranking

Social media platforms are searchable, just like search engines. If you want people to find your content, you should build a stable social SEO strategy. Find right keywords, organize and plan your content, include the keywords in your hashtags, headings, and optimize your social media profiles with SEO keywords.

SE Ranking lets you find the best-performing keywords for SEO and PPC purposes. The tool generates a list of keyword suggestions together with their monthly search volume, suggestion bid, KEI, and rankings.

One of the most useful features inside SE Ranking is the ability to group thousands of keywords into some clusters for further distribution across websites. It also works well for PPC grouping that helps you save money on advertising campaigns and get a high-quality score. You can generate a report, filter keywords based on detailed statistics (KEI, search volume, competition, etc.), and take your data analysis in a clear and concise format.

  1. Finteza

Getting an in-depth look at the analytics can help you measure the effectiveness of your social media campaigns, understand what you do well, and what you do wrong. That’s just like Sherlock Holmes who carefully puts together all pieces of a puzzle to solve a problem. Using analytics tools like Finteza allows you to get behind social media posts and get the overall picture of your marketing efforts.

Finteza is an advanced buyer-side analytics tool that provides a detailed report on impressions, clicks, and CTR for the whole campaign or individual ads. The tool gives a more in-depth insight on how users interact with your marketing campaign material and your conversion channels perform. You can better understand how to engage your audience and find out which calls-to-action you should use on your social media landing pages.

Finteza helps to solve the major problem to easily track traffic quality and other metrics from Google, Facebook, etc. The tool provides clear and understandable data for those who pay for traffic. Monitoring traffic quality tells you where you need to keep spending on advertising and which channels you need to stop running campaigns to reduce costs.

  1. Sumo

It is great creating valuable and exciting content that get lots of traffic, but it is also essential to capture customer data and deliver a better customer experience that results in more conversions. To convert visitors into leads and conversions, you need to use the right lead capture tools.

Sumo provides a great range of tools to track your social counts on your blog posts, better understand user behavior and turn them into customers and traffic. The tool integrates with Google Analytics so you can view where all of your site visitor traffic comes from in one place together with other useful tools for creating contact forms, pop-ups, and welcome mat.

Sumo’s Social Share plugin enables you to create social-sharing buttons and make it easy for users to share your content. The tool not only grows your email list, but also improves your overall content and CTAs on your website using data from Content Analytics and Google Analytics, and boosts your social shares with Image Sharer and Social Sharer.

My good friend Maria Monroy from Lawrank once told that Sumo is like SEO’s Swiss Army Knife. Marketing will be satisfied with tangible results, and sales will be happy with warm leads.

  1. Lusha

If you are looking for potential leads on social media, Lusha will be a must-have tool for getting contact information from Linkedin profiles with just one click. You can contact people directly, instead of reaching them out via social media. The tool gives direct access for sales managers and recruiting agencies to billions of contact details.

Lusha is a browser extension that works with Linkedin, Salesforce, and Gmail. If you want to find contact details of potential customers, use their Linkedin accounts by clicking the Lusha icon. It quickly shows not only their email addresses but also their phone numbers.

  1. Planoly

There is no simple answer to how any brand should plan a clean and cohesive Instagram account. It’s not enough creating great content and wrap it up. Creating an eye-catching and representative Instagram feed requires thoughtful planning. Consider marketing calendar, your social media goals, community interaction, sales, and your mission.

Planoly provides everything that you need to create an aesthetically pleasing and exciting account that meets your needs. The tool helps not only schedule and auto-post your posts and Instagram stories but also keep up with all of your comments that you need to respond later and manage your different hashtag groups.

Using Planoly, you can easily integrate Google Drive, Dropbox, and your iPhone photo album. One of the best features is a “grab & go” option to select an image you like, upload it into the app and use it. It also includes a detailed analysis of your Instagram accounts, such as likes, comments, your top posts, followers and followings.

Bottom Line

Social media is vital in today’s digital world. Using these tools, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and take your results to the next conversion-ready level. The main thing is to focus attention on your top social channels, set your goals, engage your customer base and optimize your site for getting data to build lasting and profitable relationships.

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