Last night, the Kred Influencer Summit NYC was held at the Crosby Street hotel, and I was fortunate enough to attend. Here are some of the key takeaways from the event:

PeopleBrowsr unveils the Swaylo news.#1 PeopleBrowsr joins forces with Swaylo

PeopleBrowsr (the folks behind Kred) announced their acquisition of Swaylo, which provides Facebook influence analytics and influence-based marketing campaigns. The Swaylo acquisition is big, as with Kred furthering the argument that it’s the strongest influence measure out there.

With that big announcement, Kred unveiled Kred for Brands, powered by Swaylo. This product allows brands to use Kred to sift through the influencers within their Pages’ communities, and get really granular with the data. One example used was how Coca Cola can sift through their Page’s Likes to find influencers other Facebook interests (apparently Coke drinkers also love YouTube and Eminem).

#2 Kred Rewards looks to up its game

Travis Wallis delivered a strong presentation on why brands should care about Kred Rewards. If anyone had any doubt about the impact of getting a product into the right influencers’ hands, Travis shared a nice case study regarding a Super Bowl campaign Kred developed for a major beverage brand. Top 20% influencers competed for 3 VIP trips to the sponsor’s Super Bowl hotel. The results? 200+ influencers engaged, 12,390 shares and conversations, 551 engagements on the product’s Facebook Page (and newsfeed), and 7.8 million word of mouth impressions generated.

#3 Kred isn’t just a product anymore, it’s a brand in and of itself

Jodee Rich, PeopleBrowsr CEO, shared some amazing data: Kred is at over 3,000 mentions per day, and consistently growing. It has grown to the point where it has hit #74 in mentions overall across all brands. To put that in perspective, that’s just below Nescafe, Smirnoff, and Kleenex, and right about MasterCard, Nestle, and Gillette.

Of course, Kred’s audience is considerably more socially active and more likely to push Kred’s presence as a brand, but nevertheless, that only goes to show the viral growth that Kred is fostering. It’s a testament to the strength of the platform, and there’s no reason to think that growth will slow anytime soon.Kred shows off some of its mainstream recognition.

#4 KredNet is coming, and it’s a game-changer

KredNet is built on the premise that your network is your Kred, and that no one cares about how influential any of their contacts are. Instead, end users really care about who’s influential/relevant in what he or she is actually trying to get accomplished at the time. Given that, users will be able to create miniature influence networks, to only focus on their contacts who have influence in what’s relevant now.

For example: if a friend of mine is sometimes interested in social media for business and sometimes interested in ballet, they would invite me to their KredNet for the former and not for the latter. In this way, Kred hopes to make the influence universe much more intimate and relevant to any end user’s objectives at any particular moment in time.

#5 Kred has some serious kredibility when it comes to its klientele

While many companies haven’t yet heard of Kred, the number of strong clients having used the product is a strong indicator of PeopleBrowsr’s ambitions to bring it to a larger audience. The team spotlighted the roster of companies who have used their products, including NBCUniversal, SAP, Olay Cosmetics,, Jeep, Dell, and more. Everything at the event (and everything I’ve heard elsewhere) strongly indicates that the company is looking to aggressively market Kred to a larger audience, develop more case studies, and strengthen its ties with the business community


Those were my top takeaways from the presentation. Thanks again to PeopleBrowsr & Kred for putting on a terrific event, and getting an amazing field of VIPs out for the night!