Have you ever considered including live streaming in your social media efforts? Check out our article this week to find out more about live streaming and generate ideas for your own business.

5 Ideas To Use Live Streaming On Social Media For Your Business

What is live streaming?

Simply put, live streaming is the process of transmitting and receiving real time video and audio coverage online. Nowadays, many of the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube provide this service to their users.

And people love it.

Some even believe that live streaming is the future of social media due to its simplicity and ease to create.

5 Live Streaming Ideas For Your Business

If you believe that live video content will be a great new strategy in your online marketing, check out our ideas below:

How It’s Made And How Does It Work

Stream your production process to showcase the quality and professionalism you put into creating your product. “How it’s made videos” are extremely popular around the web. So a little behind the scene footage can be very exciting to your curious followers.
You can also use live streaming to show your followers how to use your product and answer their questions on the go.

Q&A Sessions And Interviews

 Mashable on Periscope - Interview Q&A live stream example

Social media is perfect for Q&A sessions. Let your followers ask you questions and you will not only satisfy their need for information but also collect insights on what is stopping them from purchasing your product/service or what problems they might be experiencing with it. You can use these later to update the Q&A section on your website.

Another great idea is to do an interview with an influencer or a professional from your team. This will help increase your credibility and image as an industry influencer.

Events Live Streaming And Behind The Scenes Footage

Going to industry events is a great time to test different social media approaches like Snapchat and Instagram stories, Twitter Moments and even live streaming. And sometimes the behind the scenes content is even more engaging and interesting for viewers.

Office Atmosphere And Team Building

Use live streaming to introduce your team to your social media audience. You can do this in the middle of the work day, in the form of an interview or even during team building to showcase the people behind your brand and your business’ personality.

Something Out Of The Box

uzzFeed on Facebook - Out of the box live streaming example

In the last few months we have seen many examples of creative live stream videos that went viral because they were just simply hilarious, silly, or managed to build so much anticipation that you simply could not stop watching. Think about something funny and out of the box that you can do with your product or in your office and show it to your followers. The best thing is that it doesn’t even need to be directly related to your business, the key is to be funny and engaging.

Do you use live streaming in your business’ online marketing strategy? Make sure to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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