Have you seen any brands using Video on Instagram yet?

Instagram’s competitor to Vine is about two weeks into its existence, but it took about two days (or less) for social-savvy brands to start using the new social video tool.

Always recycle. #DoinItRight by @hootsuite

Video on Instagram has a few immediate advantages over Vine, at least when it comes to brand use. Many brands have built up a strong presence on Instagram over the last few years using photos. That’s an audience they can now tap into using video, rather than trying to build a completely new following on Vine.

While Vine videos also max out at six seconds, Instagram videos can run as long as 15 seconds. That extra time offers companies more opportunity to get creative and insert branding. Plus, Instagram’s video editing capabilities mean even spontaneous videos can be altered to look more professionally filmed.

Social media users have taken notice. On June 26, six days after Video on Instagram was launched, less than 900,000 Vine links were shared on Twitter, compared to almost 3 million shared on June 15. Brands seem to fall under that trend, as Mashable gathered data showing twice as many top 100 brands has used Video on Instagram. While Vine isn’t going out quietly, there’s something to say about how quickly the tide has turned.

We recently explored five brands that were doing impressive things on Vine. Though its still in its infancy, here are five brands using Video on Instagram that are proving how valuable the tool has already become:

1) Lululemon

Every mat has a story to tell. #justmymat by @lululemon

Lululemon averages about 5,785 likes per Instagram photo. With the help of some really creative editing, they’ve more than doubled that average with their Instagram videos so far. A strong case for using Video on Instagram, wouldn’t you say?

2) General Electric

Watch a nighttime water ingestion test on the GEnx #engine at #GE #Aviation in Peebles, #OH. #avgeek #technology by @generalelectric

GE was also on the list of great brands on Vine. We’ll, it turns out they’re just a great brand for any form of social video. For the science lover, there are few accounts that can compare.

3) Starbucks

It starts here. #1912 #pikeplace #storestory by @starbucks

Do people really want to see the very first Starbucks store? 53,000 video likes present a pretty clear answer to that question.

4) NHL

The #StanleyCup has been handed off to the Chicago Blackhawks! by @nhl

Only four days after Video on Instagram was launched, the Stanley Cup was awarded to the Chicago Blackhawks. The National Hockey League, always on top of social trends, was on the ice shooting videos and offering fans a unique angle on the biggest celebration in hockey.

5) Burberry

A glimpse behind the scenes of the #Burberry Prorsum Menswear Spring/Summer 2014 show, #London by @burberry

Burberry’s first video on Instagram might as well be a commercial. The brand has perfectly illustrated the power of this new tool for shooting high quality clips right from your phone.

Do you know of any other brands using Video on Instagram that we should add to this list? Let us know. And be sure to follow HootSuite on Instagram!