It’s amazing to me how quickly social media and community management have exploded in the job market.  It seemed just a year ago that they were few and far between, but now that companies are seeing the value in having dedicated, talented and knowledgeable people in charge rather then shuffling off the responsibilities to traditional marketing roles, lots of opportunities have become available.

There’s some great resources out there to target your job search when it comes to social media and community management jobs.  If you’re looking for an opportunity in either realm check out these places first as they are your best bet.  I’ve tried to avoid all the repetitive job sites that “claim” to be focused on social media/community, but are just glorified job boards with social media jobs listed at the top.  You can of course always use tools like Craigslist, LinkedIn and old dogs like Monster, but sometimes the cream of the crop aren’t listed there. The links below really do focus on social media and community are a great place to start.

Mashable Job Board
While you’ll be competing with quite a few people for these, they still post quality opportunities that are worth a look.

Social Media Jobs on Twitter
I’ve found following @socialmediajobs to post some unique and worthwhile listings.  If you’re in the market, it can’t hurt to follow and keep your eyes on their stream.

Great resource to comb Twitter for job postings.  Just use “social media” or “community manager” to get started.

The Community Job Board
Maintained by community expert Jake McKee, another great community manager job resource.

Online Community Managers Job Board
A great resource to find community manager roles maintained by @SueOnTheWeb (which she also posts on her twitter feed as well).

Know of any more?  Please share in comments and I’ll be sure to include in the list above.