Are you following any brands on Vine?

Six seconds may seem like a short time. But a six-second Vine video can add a lot of punch to a brand’s social engagement. Twitter’s Vine, a short video-sharing service launched in January of 2013, quickly gained steam with social media users (so much so, that Instagram may soon be adding video). Slowly but surely, the same can be said for major brands.

While the six-second clips don’t offer much in terms of production value, the videos are a quick, easy and cheap way to add some life to blog posts or websites, and to show that your organization is on top of trends and active in the social space. Here are five brands on Vine that are capturing people’s attention by taking advantage of one of the hottest new social tools:

1) Oreo

We should hardly be surprised. Oreo is consistently at the forefront of social trends and has quickly become one of the best brands on Vine. From instructional videos on clever ways to use oreos, to a jingle and flash mob Vine campaign in support of a new flavour, Oreo has Vine on lock.

2) Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of the first brands to use Vine for a contest campaign. Teaming up with Converse, the clothing retailer launched a contest called #yourchucks. The users who submit the best Vine videos showcasing their own Chucks shoes could win a series of prizes. Meanwhile, Urban Outfitters wins social engagement.

3) Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer launched a Vine campaign called “Not Your Father’s Browser” to show off the features of IE 10. The videos, put simply, are hilarious. This innovative campaign was a hit online and quickly made the Microsoft browser one of the best brands on Vine.

4) Lowe’s

Lowe’s is one of the first brands on Vine to provide real value to its followers. With a series of 6-second home improvement tips, Lowe’s caught (and kept) the attention of thousands of Vine users. Learn how to catch dust when drilling, work with a stripped screw or keep squirrels off of your flowers.

5) General Electric

How do you get kids to learn science? How about limiting the lesson to 6 seconds. General Electric launched a quirky #6secondscience campaign that is helping to make science (and their brand) fun.

Do you know of any other brands on Vine we should check out? Let us know. And be sure to follow HootSuite on Vine!