5 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid Using Social Media

Every business with an online portal needs the social media for branding and indulging their online clientele. That explains why almost any company you can think of has an active supporting team that operates solely on social networks.

But make no slip-up on the strategies you choose to deploy on the platform, since one small gaffe is enough to leave your business on crutches. From the content you post and the images you upload to the way you respond and engage your followers on the platform, professionalism should always take primacy.

Speaking of professionalism, these 5 mistakes are considered the greatest bane of professionalism in social media customer service:

Unresponsive to Brand Mentions

One vital aspect of the social media is branding. And while it may be overwhelming to respond to each and every comment that mentions your brand, there are certain deserving comments that need to be prioritized on. A simple re-tweet or share of any comment that gratifies your brand may augment the impact of the message even more than if you were to craft one yourself.

Replying to Positive Mentions Only

Positive mentions sell your brand. Besides ratifying your products, they also clear out any doubt potential customers have concerning your brand.

But directing all your responses to positive mentions alone while neglecting the negative ones can greatly affect your brand. Because:

1. It paints a negative image on your customer relation service

2. It doesn’t clear the tainted image of your brand. Taking your time to respond diligently to such mentions and in a polite way is a good way to prove you care about your customer satisfaction.

Poorly Written or Automated Responses

Using automated responses to promote your brand on social media is a strict no-no. Customers want to engage a real person when they drop a comment or make an inquiry. Taking your time to pitch a personalized, non-formulaic response, calibrated to match the user’s needs and queries is a good way to establish a strong bond with your customers.

Resolving an Issue Privately

Whether a customer reaches you privately or publicly, it’s always good to ensure that you resolve the issue in a public domain. Reason being, there may be other customers with the same query who could benefit from the thread posted.

Besides, this can be a good proof that you take every inquiry seriously and that you’re willing to go to whatever length to get a solution to every query dropped.

Not Asking for a Second Chance

You didn’t have a solution, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on the customer’s needs. Or how do you expect them to resolve an issue on their own when the supposedly expert in the field has failed?

A simple solution is to ask your client for more time to research and promise to respond as soon as you have a resolution.

If it’s about a faulty product, you can improve your customer’s experience with a voucher, coupon or product replacement. Just make sure you’re conscious enough not to attract scammers while taking this approach.

These are some of the common mistakes most marketers make on social media. Apart from our list, what other customer service mistakes do you think can have a serious effect on your social media campaign?

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