To find inspiration and creativity it is often thought that you may need to climb a mountain or meditate on a beach but maybe you just need to have a deeper and more intimate understanding and knowledge of the playpen that you are engaged in every day.5 Creative Facebook Marketing Campaigns

The reality is that creativity does not emerge from a vacuum, in fact most of the time “creativity is the act of reassembling many elements that are already known” – Seth Godin.

It is taking these elements and adding your voice, twist and touch that combines into what James McIvey calls the innovation from the “adjacent possible

Understand Your Domain

Intimately understanding your domain provides the tools, experience and insights that enables that key element we call “creativity” to emerge from its chrysalis and blend these elements into a matrix of  visual and sensory design and function that surprises and delights.

This understanding, intuition and “grokking” of your domain leads to breakthroughs and creations that  can touch and engage your audience’s emotions whether you are a singer, artist or a Facebook page designer and creator

Facebook Creativity & Emotions

Facebook creative design at its ultimate destination should inspire and have emotive power. The National Geographic Channel Facebook campaign and page takes technology (mapping) and combines it with personal stories of where people were when 9/11 happened to tap into your psyche and soul. ( I would suggest you check it out)

Beats Electronics exclusive Facebook page content assembled by music stars recall of their “Humble Beginnings” to empower and engage the viewer with memorable quotes from Lloyd stating that when he started he had “nothing but a dollar and a dream

5 Creative Facebook Marketing Campaigns

1.Alamo Rent A Car

The Alamo rent a car Facebook contest page is about achieving 4 goals

  • Increasing Facebook ‘likes’ (you need to ‘like’ the page to enter the competition)
  • Building an email database
  • Creating customer loyalty
  • Selling rentals with deals and specials on display

The contest has increased the number of likes by over 5,000 since its start and is well on its way to achieving its objectives.

Alamo Rent a Car Facebook Page

2. National Geographic Channel

The National Geographic channel wants to tap into our hearts and minds with this emotive Facebook campaign titled “Remembering 9/11″ that wants you to recall and tell your story of where you were when the Towers in New York were hit.

You can both tell your story and enter your location on that day into a interactive map that also pulls other people’s locations and very personal stories into a global  matrix of strong emotions and comments.

Goals: So far its goals of network exposure and engagement are being realised with fan count increasing from 551,000 to 587,000 in a few days.

National Geographic Channel Facebook Page

3. Craftsman Tools

Craftsman tools are almost an American icon  and their Facebook page aims to embed this further into the tradesman of America’s mind space by running a campaign for the “social good” which have become quite popular in Facebook and social media marketing campaigns over the past couple of years.

This campaign  photo contest asks users to submit a photo of a park in their area that could use some revamping. Whichever park wins will receive a $10,000 makeover, the user who uploaded the photo will receive a set of Craftsman tools, and there will be runner-up prizes of tools as well. Once a user completes the contest entry, they may publish a story to the stream.

Goals: The goals for this Facebook campaign include engagement with the target market, the local social good and of course selling tools!

Craftsman Facebook Page Campaign

4. Beats Electronics

Beats Electronics is the brainchild of legendary artist and producer Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, who set out to develop a new type of headphone with the capability to reproduce the full spectrum of sound that musical artists and producers hear in professional recording studios and have been in business since 2006.

This Facebook page provides emotive, exclusive and inspiring content that is a YouTube video that records musicians stories of their “Humble Beginnings”. To access it you need to ‘like’ the page.

Past campaigns have included similar themes with inspiration provided by Lady Gaga’s single “Edge of Glory” and viewers stories of how they aspire to achieving that.

Goals: Goals here are page growth and increasing brand loyalty. This page is not about selling it is about connecting at an emotional level.

Beats Electronics Facebook Page

5. Stella Artois UK

This Stella Artois page is for the UK division of the  Belgian beer company which was founded in 1366. To enter this contest you need to ‘Like’ the page.

After a user Likes the Page, they are prompted to answer a question related to a film from a DVD being given away by Stella Artois on the Page. After a user answers the question, they are prompted to provide both their phone number and email address in order to enter to win a chance to win either one free DVD or a collection of 40. Then users have the chance to share the contest to the stream. This contest is much easier to enter than others because all a user has to do is enter their email and phone number.

Goals: The most obvious goal here is increasing fans with the other goals of brand loyalty, brand exposure and engagement following close behind.

Stella Artois UK Facebook Page

The most two most powerful Facebook campaigns that awakened emotion for me were the National Geographic campaign where you can see people comments from all around the world about where they were and what they were feeling on that day on the 9th of September 2001.

The other campaign was the Beat Electronics “Humble Beginnings” that taps into every one’s desire for success.

What Facebook campaign did you like?