5 Brands With A Simply Striking Social Media Presence

According to a study by Manta, 61 percent of small businesses don’t see a return on investment from their social media presence. But it isn’t for lack of effort. Of those surveyed, nearly 50 percent said they increased time spent on social media while only seven decreased their time. It’s easy to set up a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account and add some content and articles. But it’s difficult to engage an audience and convert them into customers many organizations use social media management tools to help manage the workload. If you’re still in need some inspiration – Take some tips from businesses and organizations with an awesome social media presence.


Zappos has already won over customers by offering free, two-day shipping and returns with no-hassle customer service. Zappos takes time to cultivate relationships with their customers and fans with special content. Their Facebook page features videos that aren’t found on their website, event updates and a special Shop Now button to make it easy for their social media fans to go to their site and shop.

Both Zappos’ Twitter and Facebook accounts are filled with helpful content, photos and the company responds to direct mentions of their company. The brand isn’t afraid to make personal comments to customers, handle service issues, spotlight their fans and congratulate employee accomplishments.

American Cancer Society

It’s not easy to take a delicate, heart-wrenching topic like cancer and turn it into a hopeful journey of inspiration. The American Cancer Society uses its social media channels to engage with their fans and highlight cancer survivors. They also use their YouTube channel to feature videos of survivors and unique stories to help raise money for a cure.

Overall, the American Cancer Society looks to its social media presence as an opportunity for education, awareness and advocacy. They focus on listening to their patients and survivors and listen to their stories carefully to help meet their needs. For some, this might mean connecting with other cancer survivors. The American Cancer Society’s social media outlets also help to educate the public about the disease, treatment options, and screening strategies.


The identity theft protection company LifeLock uses Twitter to give its customers the tools, resources and power to protect themselves. Because online hacking and Internet privacy concerns are always changing, LifeLock’s timely content and tips are always relevant to the audience. They also help educate the public on the legalities of data breaches.

The company takes a serious and intimidating issue like identity theft and makes it relatable to anyone.


JetBlue was one of the few big companies to embrace social media platforms like YouTube during its infancy. When they first joined social media, they used it to publicly apologize for endless delays and bad customer service. Unlike most airlines and corporations that take weeks or months to respond to complaints and customer fallout, JetBlue uses social media for instant and public response.

JetBlue has even been known to look at the profile pictures of its social media followers who recently tweeted a complaint or issue, then went to find them at the airport to follow-up in person.

Old Spice

Old Spice commercials featuring the suave Isaiah Mustafa went viral and spilled over into its social media campaign. The actor answered tweets, like Ellen Deferens’ comment on his abs, on YouTube to further showcase the campaign and give customers the video content they love most. Cross-promoting its Twitter presence via YouTube is also a smart way to gain new social media followers on various social media platforms.

The company stays true to its brand and proves they don’t take themselves too seriously.