Upon its launch four short years ago, Snapchat was widely dismissed by the mainstream as a disappearing photo app with no practical use. The platform quickly proved its critics wrong, and has now ballooned into a social media giant boasting over 150 active daily users. National businesses like Gatorade and Taco Bell have begun harnessing the power of Snapchat to spread their branding to the largely Millennial user base. The list of celebrities, politicos, and big name organizations on Snapchat continues to grow as the platform continues to prove its worth as a branding and advertising vehicle. The following accounts are absolutely worth a follow, and demonstrate the pillars of an effective Snapchat user.

5. Chelsea Handler

The star of Netflix’s first late night talk show Chelsea brings her “tells it like it is” personality to Snapchat in a big way. Handler delivers hilarious content that also gives us a behind the scenes look into her personal and professional life. Her less than stellar rap skills are a must see and she provides us with daily snaps and videos. Chelsea debuted on Snapchat a few months prior to her show’s launch this year, in a nod to the platform’s enormous reach among her key demographics. By engaging on the app, not only was she able to continue branding herself, but also marketing her upcoming talk show. She gives us a peek into her staff meetings, teases upcoming guests, and genuinely enjoys the goofier side to Snapchat. Her dogs Chunk and Tammy are frequent stars of her snaps, as are her many family members and famous friends! Dogs, celebrities, and bad rapping make one enjoyable combination.

User Handle: chelseahandler

4. Jacob Soboroff

The MSNBC correspondent and political junkie has quickly grown into a “must follow” account on Snapchat. Soboroff kicked off his journalism career interviewing presidential candidates in 2008 with the use of a simple digital camera, then moved into live streaming for Huffington Post. Needless to say, his snaps are wonderfully filmed and visually stimulating. His story is often filled with previews of upcoming interview subjects, shots of his travels as a roving reporter, and adorable images of his family vacations and outings. What truly sets Jacob’s account apart, however, is the live element to his reporting. During the San Bernardino shootings, he published video of a robot checking a potential bomb. His snaps on wonk topics like superdelegates provide his followers with a bit of political education in a dynamic format. Soboroff is the perfect example of where the journalism industry is moving: a combination of conventional reporting with a greater reliance on social media and live publishing.

User Handle: jacobsoboroff

3. Amazon

The online retailer has revolutionized the way we shop, and its Snapchat account is yet another gamechanger. Back in 2014, Amazon became one of the largest companies to utilize the potential of a young Snapchat by creating its account only days ahead of Black Friday. While Amazon’s story may only publish every so often, product promotion is not its primary function. Instead, the retailer pushes “Snapchat Deals”, a code that only Snapchatters can apply to specific featured products. This process drives traffic to Amazon.com and its mobile app while also creating the sense of ugency. It’s a win-win situation for both Amazon and its thousands of followers who get to save some cash! If you love a good bargain, you’re not going to want to pass on this account!

User Handle: amazon

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

The entrepreneur, author, and social media wizard’s Snapchat account is a dream follow for any digital marketer. Vaynerchuk was one of the first in the marketing industry to identify the vast potential of Snapchat, and he continues to be one of its most ardent supporters. His story is packed with visually intriguing snaps adorn with self-designed filters documenting his speaking engagements all over the world. His signature no-nonsense personality fits the platform perfectly, and comes through loud and clear during his hilarious rants. Beyond the entertainment and imagery, his professional advice and motivational snaps are key to his mass appeal. Vaynerchuk also gives his followers a look at the inner workings of his professional life, something others of his stature rarely allow. If you’re looking to follow a Snapchat master ON Snapchat, GaryVee is the guy to follow!

User Handle: GaryVee

1. DJ Khaled

The hip-hop and R&B artist, producer, DJ, and radio host can add another title to his impressive resume: Snapchat Superstar. Kaled is arguably the most successful Snapchat user, having leveraged the platform to grow his brand recognition. He has also done something few to none have been able to do in the past, by actually capitalizing off of his Snapchat account. His Snap fame produced deals with Silk Almond Milk and Stride Gum, which he now promotes via his Snapchat story. Khaled’s Major Key Alerts are highlights of his account, sharing positive tips and insights to becoming happy and successful. The DJ’s content also gives us a look inside his larger than life day to day, including a moment by moment snap story documenting a time he got lost at sea on his jet ski. Khaled is so personal on Snapchat that he’s announced his plans to snap his pregnant fiance giving birth to their child! His honesty, incredible outlook on life, and devotion to the platform are among the many reasons you need to be following this account.

User Handle: DJKhaled305

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