It isn’t too tough to get your fans to like and share your posts on social platforms, but it is trickier to get them to leave comments. Many businesses really want to interact with their fans and ignite more engagement on social media to build relationships and loyalty. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to increase customer engagement with videos or engage them in conversation through contests and thoughtfully-worded posts. People want and like a better customer experience, so make sure to give them one if you want to really engage them. Take a look at these four ways to encourage your audience to engage with you on Facebook and other social platforms.

Word questions with care

If you ask your fans or followers questions, you may get a few brief responses. One of many mistakes small businesses make while trying to grow is failing to really inspire customer engagement. If you want to truly engage your customers, you have to take those questions you ask to a new level.

As an example, if you are in the food industry, you need to do more than ask your fans to share their favorite dish. Instead, ask them a question and offer multiple-choice answers paired with an eye-catching image or graphic to garner responses. Make sure you post questions your fans would like to answer and never be afraid to inject some humor and utilize images–both can work wonders when it comes to engagement.

Organize one-of-a-kind contests

Contests on social media are a dime a dozen today, so do something atypical to make your brand stand out. Think along the lines of a fun, lighthearted contest so you can promote your product. Encourage fans to follow your brand and post an image using a pre-selected hashtag so they can be in the running for a generous prize.

You have to do more than just create some contest. Do something different so your fans will actually want to participate and share the details of the contest–and therefore your business–on their social sites. One bonus of running a contest is that 1/3 of contest entrants decide to sign up to receive email updates from brands.

Connect via a social cause

While a social cause may not relate to your business and brand in a direct manner, you could still encourage and embrace it via your social media pages. It’s obviously kind to do things for others and it feels good to unite for a meaning–and it develops your branding at the same time.

If your business supports a cause, it’s even easier to craft a campaign and share the details about it via your social media pages. Fans will engage with publicly reliable content. Social causes can lead to numerous fans sharing their personal stories on social media.

Talk about current events

You can always get new traffic to your social pages when you post information about current events, from an event to a holiday. Think along the lines of Papa John’s pizza chain and their post earlier this year. The chain asked fans to select a winning March Madness team and post about it on their Facebook page. The post had over fifty comments in just a couple of hours.

Anything you post that relates to trending events people are already discussing is a surefire way to engage your audience.

There are various things to do to encourage conversation on your social platform. Take some time to think about just what you want to say and you will find unique ways to get your fans talking.

How do you engage your social media audience and get your fans to converse?