The ever changing nature of social media tends to keep brands on their toes. And with all the new Facebook updates and changes, brands are at more of a disadvantage than ever before. In order to really stand out from the crowd, brands have to focus on the customer in every aspect of their social marketing strategy. Showing your customers appreciation will help turn them into loyal brand advocates in the long run. Here are 4 steps to creating a customer-centric strategy to increase customer retention.

1. Acknowledge that your customer’s time is valuable
Your customers already spent time browsing your site and picking out items for their shopping cart, don’t take up more of their time with a long checkout process. Instead of asking your customers to fill out long, tedious forms to register and checkout, use a to fast track your shoppers to their order confirmation page. They will appreciate the one-click checkout process and you’ll still be able to collect rich, verified data from social network APIs.

2. Get involved with your customers
Create engaging social content for your customers to interact with your brand. Keep your social content focused on getting to know your customer more, instead of the other way around. Ask interesting questions or host polls to find out more about your top fans. But don’t just leave it at that, respond to your fans comments and get involved with your fans’ social engagement.

3. Segment and personalize your strategy for each customer
Utilize the social data to run personalized marketing campaigns. Create birthday campaigns to give your customers a surprise on their special day. Segment your social strategy and target customers based on their likes and interests. If a majority of your customers have Nicki Minaj in common, use tickets to her concert as a prize for your next contest or promotion. Use Social Login to discover their preferred social network and make sharing more prominent on that platform. If more of your customers prefer Twitter over Facebook, you’d benefit more from running a Twitter contest over a Facebook contest.

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4. Show appreciation for your most valuable customers
Publicly acknowledge your top influencers for their brand advocacy by showcasing their Instagram photos alongside your product photos. Your fans will appreciate being featured and new shoppers will be more willing to purchase your products. Give your customers shout outs on social for creative outfit ideas or for being a long time fan. Your fans will feel special and be more likely to share your posts.