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It’s October, fall has arrived and Halloween is coming.

Halloween spending is projected to hit a record $9.1 billion in the U.S.

“After a long summer, consumers are eager to embrace fall and all of the celebrations that come with it,” NRF president and CEO Matthew Shay said. “We expect those celebrating Halloween this year will look for several different activities to do with their family and friends. Consumers are ready to take advantage of promotions on candy, decorations and costumes, and retailers are ready to serve them.” – (NRF)

This means your business has a great opportunity to take advantage of this holiday and get your own message out.

Here are 4 great tricks and treats to get your business in the Halloween spirit and engage with your audience.

1. Share a Halloween Treat

Consumers are clued in to the Halloween holiday. Create your own special offer to hit on this holiday. Whether your product or service relates to the holiday, you can still create a “Halloween Special Offer.”

2. Share Some Tricks

Post updates that contain tips and tricks for Halloween, i.e. decorating, craft projects, costume ideas, etc.

3. Create a Theme

Even though your products or services may have nothing to do with Halloween itself, you can still “theme” your updates to fit the season and the holiday.

“You don’t have to sell candy, costumes, or pumpkins to connect with people; all sorts of businesses can make the most of #Halloween. Get creative and think of different ways your product can relate to the holiday.” (Twitter)

4. Hashtag Halloween

Hashtags on Instagram or Twitter, or even Facebook allows your business to connect with relevant conversations on the Social sites.

“Add seasonal hashtags such as #Halloween, #TrickorTreat, or #DIYCostume on relevant content to connect your Tweet to the broader conversation. By adding the hashtag, it increases the chance someone interested in the event will engage with your Tweet and discover your brand.” (Twitter)

In addition to the standard Halloween Hashtags, create your own hashtag to fit the occasion and use it throughout the month.

Most of all – Have a Happy Halloween!