A recent article, “4 Reasons Social Media Marketing May Not Be Working for Your Business,” by Mandy Edwards, observes that social media is can be a powerful marketing channel as long as you apply the right approach. If social media isn’t effective for your business, there may be some changes necessary.

Below are 4 possible reasons why social media isn’t working for your business right now.

  1. Using every platform

Wanting your business to be everywhere is understandable, yet unrealistic. If you try to use every available platform and give them all 100% of your time and attention, things will get sloppy.

Begin with the platform where the majority of your market is found. Focus on reaching your audience and give them your best effort. Once that platform is on a solid foundation, add another one.

  1. Posting sales pitches instead of networking

Your brand promotions and sales pitches are not what people want popping up in their newsfeed. Remember, social media is about connecting with people. It’s not all about you, it’s about them.

Ask your audience questions and learn about their interests. Show them that they matter. Sales will come from that as well as customer loyalty.

  1. You are posting too much

Uploading multiple posts in a short time span will cause viewers to unfollow or unlike you. You may be posting great content, but people don’t want to see only you in their newsfeed. You will overwhelm people and drive them away.

A maximum of two posts each day on Facebook and a maximum of six posts per day on Twitter is ideal.

  1. You’re trying to do it all

Of course, doing business by yourself is possible, but don’t overdo it. It’s better to hire someone else to handle your business social media accounts, so you can focus on the main tasks of your business.


Consulting or hiring social media marketing experts is the best way to receive the full benefits of incorporating social media into your business.