Personal branding

The most effective kind of branding takes place on a human level, and the way your networks perceive you is essential to how your brand is defined. Establishing your brand on social media is, in this sense, only a natural tactic.

Although there are more benefits a good social media presence can have on your personal brand than I care to mention, these are some of my top reasons for why is social media such a good setting for building your personal brand:

1). It’s for showing off the real you

The strongest personal brands never entirely separate the personal from the professional.

Sharing content to your own networks makes sense because they will most likely care about what you do and also pass this information on. But using your personal social media channels to funnel only salesy stuff about yourself or your business is a terrible idea. It’s important to reveal the person behind the brand through approachable posts and practical examples too. Many famous people have successfully demonstrated the value of being yourself on social media.

The trick is to maintain a healthy relationship between the types of content you share and bear in mind the register of different channels. Don’t stop posting the you-related content amidst the work-related posts you share.

2). You can better explain what you do

Your social media connections (hopefully) already know who you are. This makes it easier for you to provide immediate insight into your personal brand. There’s no need to provide content for dummies, with your story already somewhat there. You are able to get more creative and intimate when you know your target audience.

There’s no need to always sell yourself with white papers and graphs on social media, either. Social media allows for a more organic type of advertising to take place the photos from your latest trip with colleagues or your recent blog post. These can sometimes attract much more engagement than sales pitches. Quotes alone can acquire myth-like proportions, as Dalí and Warhol, the masters of creative personal branding, demonstrate (even if you don’t have that mustache).

3). It’s interactive

As antisocial as this may seem, people actually prefer social media to face-to-face interaction. This means that you may be able to reach certain people on social media, who you would otherwise never cross paths with. You can establish some truly valuable connections and create a name for yourself in your own niche with a few of the right clicks.

Remember: The most authentic you is the person you are around others, and it’s hard to create an authentic image of yourself if people never get to interact with you. It’s good to always be connecting on social media, and make yourself heard among like-minded people, whether they simply share your love for Pokémon GO or want to enter a professional agreement with you.

4). You are the boss

You are the author of your own story. On social media, you can track and manage the things that go out there on a microscopic level. This can have long-lasting effects: Important HR statistics from 2016 reveal that up to 84 per cent of organizations use social media in their recruiting.

The smallest of things can matter. Likes, comments and shares can make as powerful an impression as a t-shirt slogan, because they provide insight into the person that is you. By keeping things diverse, you can be associated with the more professional as well as personal part of your brand (just keep it cool, always).

The success of your personal brand on social media is ultimately defined by a number of factors. Your reach and ability to engage and influence people are among the most important measurements. But even just one contact of actual value is enough.