Did you know that social media management should be a part of your automated marketing strategy? If you have been logging on to respond to notifications and share content, you are missing out on many features of social media that can help your business grow. Check out these 4 reasons for automating social media.

1. Save Time With Automation: The biggest pro with automation is that you can set up in advance when things post. So depending on how you like to work, i.e. every Monday morning you find a few great articles, write a post and gather some photos to publish on your Facebook profile, you can make your work structure fit in with automating.

To have to post daily can be problematic since you aren’t always in the office, you might not remember to post when you intend to or you might miss out on an article or photo you meant to share but forgot about. Furthermore, if you are using social media correctly you will notice that your audience has higher engagement at specific hours of the day. You want to post during those hours since more engagement means more potential clients. I will also let you in on a little secret: Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linkedin all check the engagement level of your posts. If they are high more people will see them and more people will then know about you. If they are low they will get pushed down the list and people might never interact with them. Scheduling your posts on the up hours of engagement just helps you make sure you are getting seen and will get seen more in the future.

2. Brand Showcasing: Branding is one of the most important facets of marketing. It creates a unique identity for your company, product or service. The most important automation tools for social media help users shape a strategy that tells a story with scheduled posts that are synchronized with a business’ other sites. It results in consistent, branded content. With analytics, users discover when is the best time to post content for a target audience.

3. Curation: Curating content that is time-sensitive is time-consuming. Automation quickly sorts content into defined channels according to relevancy. That means you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through hundreds of memes or images looking for that particular one you remember from last year posted by so-and-so on such-and-such holiday.

4. Flow: Automation creates the right kind of balance. With scheduled activity, a business no longer bombards followers’ feed with a rapid fire of multiple posts all at the same time. That can quickly become annoying, inspiring someone to click the “unfollow” button. Automation will post relevant, informative, attention-grabbing posts in a steady flow, appearing at the most appropriate times. By spreading out content daily, you increase the chances for it to be noticed and shared. A reliable stream of posts is connected with developing a strong following and audience loyalty.
Words like digital strategy, analytics and curating content may be technical terms that bore you or create a bit of angst. Why bother with it? Stay focused on what it is that you do best. Contact us to partner with digital marketing professionals who get excited when we hear these terms. Take advantage of our expertise as we apply the best social media marketing automation tools to strengthen your brand’s online presence.