If you’re looking for some quick ways to test out new strategies for improving your social engagement with consumers on Facebook and Twitter, look no further. Social Fresh shared a few stats that can speak volumes about the way your content is shared. A bit of a quick cheat sheet, the four tips for improvement are short, sweet and to the point – just like your social content should be. So while these pointers won’t solve all of your social engagement problems, they are a good starting point for testing some new strategies to learn a bit more about how your audience is interacting with your social content.

1. More Likes on Facebook: Pictures

Photos on Facebook get the most Likes across the social channel, bringing in a surprising 50% more impressions than any other post type. Quotations come in a not-so-close second, earning 22% more interactions than other kinds of posts.

2. More Comments on Facebook: Questions

People want to be heard, so asking questions seems like an obvious choice to include in your social engagement strategy. In fact, on average, questions generate twice as many comments as any other post types on Facebook.

3. More Shares on Facebook: Links

When it comes to Facebook, links are 87% more likely to be shared than any other post types.

4. More Retweets on Twitter: Quotations

Brands trying to grow audience and awareness on Twitter should add Retweets to their arsenal. So what content is most popular? Coming from business Twitter handles, quotations actually get 54% more Retweets than other types of Twitter message.