Today I have some resources to help you improve your social media marketing and visibility online. Here’s four links with tips and tricks to kick start your work week.

In order to stay up to date with the latest in social media it’s important to know about what’s trending in the more recently launched networks. As current giants like Facebook and Twitter continue to add more advertising features and policy changes it will become more important than ever to expand to other platforms. Take advantage of these resources and improve your marketing strategy. Are you ready to learn more about other social networks? Let me know how these work for you!

1) Drop-in audio conversations – Clubhouse

Connect with people around the world through audio. Clubhouse for iOS users is a platform launched in 2020, which allows for drop-in conversations with others who are on the platform. Join in a discussion or just listen to what others are talking about. Currently there is a waiting list to sign up for the app, which is only available on Apple mobile devices.

2) Host a live broadcast – Caffeine

Create a live broadcast and connect with others. Caffeine is a newer live video website that began in 2016 for those who would like to create and host their own show online. While there are other streaming features available on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram, this one is on the rise and already has a larger number of followers, channels and categories. This is a great way to spread the news about what your brand has to offer and gain more followers online.

3) Video chat with others face-to-face – Houseparty

Communicate directly with your brand followers through social media. Houseparty helps your business to show others what products or services you have available through live questions and answers, demonstrations, and so on. The app allows for up to eight people at a time in a video chat session and includes features like emojis and special effects as you engage with your audience.

4) Virtual professional networking – The Dots

Turn your career into a virtual office space with this popular social network. The Dots is a place to interact, collaborate, and spread the word on your company’s latest projects. Use the platform to find your ideal client, post a job listing, and connect with other influencers in your industry.

Hopefully you will find these social media networks useful to your marketing strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these tips and tools.