Personal branding as a concept is yet to shatter search records. In other words, it’s never really been a trend or area of elevated interest. In fact, even the magazine that introduced the term, Fast Company, expressed doubts over personal branding being a thing back in 2005. But fast-forward to today, and you find social media influencers who are earning anywhere between $2000 to $200,000 per social media post/video, only because they have powerful personal brands.

As an entrepreneur, executive or small business owner, you can capitalize on the fact that many of your peers are yet to embrace personal branding. You can build a striking personal brand on Facebook both to represent your brand and increase your value in the social sphere. Here’s how.

1. Curate important news, updates and discoveries with your personal comments

Whether you’re curating paintings for an exhibit or curating links for your Facebook page, content curation is an art. Executed by an expert, it can help you build important connections, establish expertise in your niche and garner attention for your business. Here’s how you can curate content to experience various benefits.

  • Using a content curation app such as DrumUp, setup RSS feeds of the best blogs/news agencies in your industry. Also set-up keywords worth watching.
  • Review the posts curated by the app each day and schedule/save those that you find worth sharing with your followers.
  • Add personal comments or an introduction to anything that you choose to schedule. Personal branding demands some amount of thought-leadership that you can create by voicing your opinions.
  • Mix-in your personality by including fun GIFs and emojis to the curated content.

2. Publish beautiful visuals of graphics-worthy objects and experiences

We’ve all witnessed the power of visually represented concepts. In today’s world of constantly dwindling attention spans, visuals become an inevitable part of your branding strategy. Further, Buzzsumo once proved that Facebook posts with images get 2.3X more engagement. Here’s how to create engaging visuals for personal branding on Facebook.

  • Experiment with different visual formats – slides, infographics, stock images using as easy-editing graphics tool such as Canva.
  • Work with alternative visuals such as quote covers, screenshots, GIFs and emojis to add value to plain text. On Facebook, you can use these in Stories, Live Video sessions, polls and contests to create more engagement.
  • List all the objects and experiences in your industry worth documenting on film and take beautiful photographs of them.
  • Use visuals in unconventional places – such as the comments section of a conversation very relevant to your industry. It never fails to get you the extra attention.

3. Monitor keywords worth watching on Facebook to find engagement opportunities

Social media monitoring is a hugely underrated strategy. It can be used to accomplish any social media branding goal – from making an impact on prospective customers to making an impact on future employees, investors and partners. But Facebook is a vast and busy network that sees around 8 billion videos each day. How do you get your update or comment noticed by the right people in such a set-up?

  • Setup keywords on a Facebook monitoring tool such as Brand24. If you’re in the social media marketing industry, your keywords could be “why” + “social media marketing”, “what” + “social media marketing to identify conversations where you can establish your expertise.
  • Also try keywords such as “looking for” + “social media marketing” and “social media” + “solution” to identify business opportunities.
  • Finally consider “social media” + “funding” or “social media” + “capital” to find active investors searching for investment opportunities.

4. Collect feedback and insights from followers through engaging surveys

Engagement is an integral part of building a personal brand on social media. It’s not all about you and what you post. A smart way to do social media is by getting your audience to respond. While you can do that by sharing engaging content, it’s also important to give your audience the stage and hear what they have to say.

  • Create branded, fun quizzes or surveys using a survey maker such as Survey Anyplace. Ensure that you add your company’s brand to the survey so participants connect your personal brand to your company’s brand.
  • Use surveys to collect useful insights to improve your company’s social media and branding strategies.
  • Ensure that your surveys also giveaway information about your brand, as viewers are more likely to be engrossed in such types of content.

Personal branding is yet to make waves among top executives and business owners. By swooping in at this moment, you can gain an advantage over your peers who are yet to take personal branding seriously. The marketing tools and strategies on this post can give you a great head start.