The phrase information explosion was first used in 1964 as part of a New Statesman article, but the phrase is relevant and even more so in today’s world. According to a study, we are on track to producing 44 zettabytes of data by 2020. Amidst this chaos, how do you get your message through to your target buyers?

To address this persisting problem, it is important to explore the channels available to you to broadcast your marketing communication. The goal is to reach as many of a specific group of people as possible. The obvious approach is to ask, where do most people belonging to your target group congregate? And how would you reach them? You could employ certain tools or applications to help with the process.

1. Maximize the impact of your influencer marketing initiatives using Traackr

Influencer marketing is has multiple benefits – it gives you access to a large following via influencers, it helps with social SEO and it helps you increase the impact of your message. However, initiating and managing relationships with influencers is a tough task; it is hard to catch their attention and keep it once you have.

Traackr is an influencer relationship management app that lets you upload influencer data and track multiple profiles and conversations in one place. Based on the conversations you track and their engagement levels, you can ascertain which influencers have hold over your target audience. Next, you can determine the interests of your influencers, which conversations to participate in and what your pitch should be to initiate partnerships with influencers. Interestingly, Traackr also identifies the people who influence your influencers helping you build a bridge until you can finally connect with them. By connecting with the right influencers, you can cut through social media noise and reach more of those who matter.

2. Increase shares of your brand content and manage employee advocates using DrumUp Employee Advocacy Platform

Two of the problems marketers face on social media are limited reach and an audience mismatch. Unfortunately, organic growth of a specific target audience is time consuming and could take years to build. For amplified and instant access, other means are necessary. That’s where employee advocacy comes in. By encouraging you employees to build their social presence in the industry, you’re developing powerful sub-brands to target and impact your specific audience.

According to IBM, leads generated by employee advocacy convert 7X more often. Not only are the targets more specific, but they’re more likely to be influenced because social media users trust their friends and family over all other sources of recommendations (source).

DrumUp Employee Advocacy Platform is helps you initiate and manage your employee advocacy program. On the platform, employees whom you invite have access to content that you curate on a common company stream. Employees have provision to share content from that stream directly to their social accounts. Every share is awarded with points and the scores are tracked on a leaderboard so you can motivate your employees by awarding the best participant. By driving more shares, you increase your brand visibility and so cut through the noise on social media. The platform also provides advanced performance analytics tracking your employees’ participation and the engagement on their posts. Using this data you can fine-tune your program to increase your visibility further.

3. Sharpen your ears and tune into the conversations that matter with Mention

Another way to cut through the noise is by tuning to the frequencies that matter to your brand. Categorized as social media monitoring tools or social listening tools, there exists technology to help you separate irrelevant posts on social media by collecting posts with the keywords that you decide to monitor. Social listening tools can help you discover opportunities to increase visibility for your product and directly pitch your product. Either way, you’d be combating the noise on social media to make direct contact with your target audience.

Mention is a social listening tool that monitors content in 40 languages. Based on keywords that you set, you receive reports of mentions categorized by source, type, location, sentiment, language, or time period. You could set alerts for your brand, your competitors, guest post opportunities, complaints and suggestions to completely monitor your marketing scenario. By doing so you filter the unnecessary information and draw focus to the conversations that matter on social media.

4. Create compelling visuals to draw attention to your message using Canva

Visuals appear more prominent than text in social media feeds. By increasing the quality of your visuals and optimizing them for each social media platform, you can increase the visibility and engagement on your social media posts.

Canva is a visual editor that stocks pre-made templates in most canvas sizes for most of the common purposes. Be it a blog post cover, social media post or presentation slide, Canva has pre-designed graphics that are easy for you to work with. To use Canva for graphic making, simply select a template, edit the text and rearrange the elements to suit your preferences. If you’re out of ideas, a quick Google search or a peek at Canva’s design community could solve the issue. With a relevant image to support your textual content, you have better chances of cutting through the noise on social media.

Activity on social media is on an up-trend and will only continue to grow, so you have to equip yourself with tools and tactics to beat that situation. There are two key tactics to check the information explosion – increasing your visibility, or focusing on the conversations that matter. Now that you have been introduced to both, you are all set to elevate your performance on social media.

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