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They Didn’t Adapt with the Times

Problem #1: There are many businesses that only have a Facebook page that they update at least once a month or year. Having a barely active page suggests to new visitors that a business might not be that popular, or worse no longer operating. This type of impression will hurt your brand and will cost you many potential customers.

Solution #1: Create accounts on the hottest social networks with a growing user base like Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. What’s really great about social media is that a strong online presence can turn a no-name small businesses into a large profitable brand. Like them, your business can gain a large social media following by constantly updating your accounts with interesting content.

Problem #2: There are so many businesses on social media that struggle to obtain the traffic and engagement that they desire. From my experience it’s because they didn’t incorporate stunning pictures and videos in their social media strategy. The hottest social media platforms today like Pinterest, Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat use visual content to build relationships and communicate information.

Solution #2: To achieve success on these networks, businesses need to create humorous, entertaining, or educational videos and pictures. There are a lot of affordable and premium software and websites that can help businesses create eye-catching social media posts. Written content like blogs are still highly popular, but digital videos and pictures get much more likes and shares on social media than text.

They Aren’t Personal Enough

Problem #3: Have you ever seen a business page’s twitter account that only tweets their sales messages or when asked a question by a customer, they give the same generic answer, “Thank you for your feedback. We are currently working on improvements. Please check out our website!” Surprisingly, a lot of businesses do this. What’s the problem with this? These messages don’t build relationships with your target customers.

Solution #3: A lot of the major brands today are assigning people to interact with their online community and work as customer service representatives. Having a human that is willing to spend time giving useful information and answering customer questions via social media is a great tactic to build trust and relationships.

Problem #4: Too many businesses make the mistake of only promoting content about themselves. Some even try hard selling their products on every post. The problem with this is that social media is a social sharing platform. You don’t gain followers by just promoting your content. You share content with others and engage with your target audience.

Solution #4: You have to do a lot of research on your target audience. Identify your target audience and identify the brands, influencers, and topics that they enjoy the most. Use their content on social media platforms as inspiration for your own content. After you create the content that your audience wants, engage with them by chatting with them and tagging them on your messages and photos.